Favorite Tracks: Insomniac Dreams, Time, The Game Don’t Wait, Packing Light, Arrogance, New Age Slave, Do For One

Ruslan has done music with a variety of different artists; so it is easy to say he has been around the rap game for quite some time now. Ruslan is part of the trio group called Dream Junkies, which features himself, John Givez, and Beleaf.

Do For One is the title of Ruslan’s album that is set to release on Good Friday, April 3rd. The theme of this album may be confusing when confronted with the phrase, “Do For One.” If the phrase was thrown into a sentence that was reviewed by an english teacher it simply would not make sense. This phrase might not ever make sense, not until you listen to the album which gives you a clear understanding of what it means to “Do For One.”

Throughout a few songs on the album it has Kendrick Dial talking in third person describing the intent of where the song it going. If not, it was Ruslan talking himself expressing it in first person.


Ruslan has been very good at expressing heart felt issues he experiences or sees through his music. This album is very transparent to who Ruslan is as an artist. He really gives an in depth experience of what he goes through; prime examples are through the songs “Insomniac Dreams,” “The Game Don’t Wait,” and “New Age Slave.”

“New Age Slave” is one of the highlights of this album. It is by no means an up-tempo trap like production with fast lyricism. The amount of effort that went into producing this song is what makes it great. The topic of this song can be relatable to any follower of Christ who is walking this narrow road. “New Age Slave” tackles the issue that we are slaves to the things we might see as harmless or just another lifestyle trend.

Because I got chains around my neck, this hole up in my heart…
I got chains around my neck, luxury is my mission / Got money in the bank, no spending limit / This hole up in my heart, I can’t seem to fill it, can’t seem to fill it, can’t seem to fill it
Different girl every week, with no commitment / Places to stay, my life is a mystery / No matter how I try, I can’t shake this feeling, can’t shake this feeling, can’t shake this feeling – Abiv

As you listen through the album, the theme may or may not be as clear to you in what “Do For One” means. The transition to making this clear is through the song “If There Was No God” and onto the album titled track “Do For One”.

The message that is received is that sometimes we lose sight of our mission. As a believer, and more specifically in this case as an artist, their mission should be to touch lives through their gift of music. With Ruslan being transparent he says that his sight was so focused on reaching thousands but he realize the mission was right in front of him. How many times are we more focused on things beyond our reach that we forget the person near us?

“What if I could touch one, what if I can do for one what I would do for thousnads , what if I was more present in the moment that’s surrounding, cuz the present is where the presence of my god is surround so I have to be more present.” – Ruslan (Song: Do For One)

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