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Royal.T has released the long awaited first single of his upcoming debut mixtape, “Brave New World” which is set to release later this year. If this is any indication of what we can expect to hear on that project then we definitely are in for treat. Strap into your seats and enjoy the ride!~ Generation SWAGG

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  1. Prophetess Felicia McKnight

    The word of God clearly says touch not my anointed! I am a member of Pastor Olsteens church and for Mr. Royal.T to elude that our pastor is compromising is preposterous! I’m sick of all these rappers not doing things in decency and order! Pastor Olsteen is a powerful and anointed man of God!

    Secondly Is appropriate for a man of God to disrespect the catholic church and take under handed jabs at Bishop Eddie Long? Everyone today in their seek of being edgy are doing nothing more than hurting the Kingdom in the long run! Is calling someone out really going to bring anyone to the throne of the most high?

    I’m not hating! You have a great flow! Your delivery is on point! My issue is your lyrical content! Verse 1 at times seemed to be all over the place! Not entirely too sure what JFK and MJ have to do with anything! Idk! Maybe I just need clarity!

    Confused and Frustrated

    • Pastor Cooper

      Sometimes we shout dont touch God anointed thinking we are doing Gods work, but raelly look at the facts that are presented. Lets not cut ourselves off from hearing the truth. David even accepted rebuke and correction as a King
      from Nathan. he didnt say “dont touch God’s anointed” to protect himself, and neither should anyone who follow their leaders.

      John 17:17 “Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.” Unless someone is speaking the word correctly they are not teaching the truth and it doesn’t matter if they call themselves anointed, or how big or successful a ministry they have, they are WRONG.

      With all love and respect.

  2. Royal.T

    What’s good everyone? Wanna say thank you IN ADVANCE for you taking the time to listen to this. I took a big risk with this but I had to be obedient to the Father. I’m not gonna be on here talking and discussing this. If you do wanna holla at me hit me up on my twitter, @RoyalTMusik or my facebook

    Love you all and help push this song out there!


  3. Shawn McFarland

    Okay prophetess! I used to be just like you! Misquoting the word of God to benefit my arguments! I’m not going to sit and argue but I will say try the spirit by the spirit! Did you ever think that maybe God anointed Royal.T to be a modern day Paul? This young man walks with a certain boldness and vibrato that reminds me a lot of the great apostle! Just something for you to think about ma’am! Much love and as the royal one says, Shalom!

    • Pastor Cooper

      Very well put Shawn. Paul was No joke! he spoke the true word of God.

  4. Akiena K.

    I love it! Keep letting God use you! He is your guidance… one else….

  5. Pastor Cooper

    Good job man, I know sometimes its hard to point out Issues that so many are blind in seeing. For some Its easy NOT to confront falsehood today, but it has become easy to confront those who point it out. How many people tell others not to touch the so-called anointed ever check out the claims from someone who has real concerns. I would like to take a min to clear up the catchy phrases and clichés’ that seemingly lead so many astray!I

    Read it in its context, ‘the Lord’s anointed’, is a reference to the kings of the nation of Israel (1Sam. 12:3,5) The mention of prophets, is a reference to the patriarchs (Psalm 105:8-15;) Ps 105:11-15 Saying, “To you I will give the land of Canaan as the allotment of your inheritance,” When they went from one nation to another, from one kingdom to another people, “He permitted no one to do them wrong; yes, He rebuked kings for their sakes, Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm.” Notice in this Scripture that God protected His anointed (who was Israel) and His prophets from the enemies of Israel to bring physical harm.

    One thing we should notice is that the word touch actually means physical harm. What it does not mean is saying something about another person publicly that is true.Why because that’s exactly what David did about Saul. It was David who said he would not harm God’s anointed, who was King Saul at the time but He spoke out publicly about him.(1 Sam.16:13-16 )

    Not only David, but Samuel “touched God’s anointed,” as he spoke out against the kings disobedience. David refused to touch Saul physically but it didn’t stop him from telling everyone the truth about him publicly.
    Royal T im Glad you are willing to take a stand for the truth of the Word of God despite what people say.

    John 7:24 Jesus said: “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment”
    Enjoyed it.

  6. J. Steela


  7. Bravo

    We shall have to repent in this generation not so much for the evil deeds of the wicked people but for the appalling silence of the good people. -Martin Luther King

  8. Ty Watcher

    Im lovin it…. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DOING!!!! I support you homie!!!! People with their eyes closed wont hear you, people who are just looking to get their itch scratched are gonna oppose you, because you speakin truth. FALSE PROPHETS BEWARE! WE ARE EXPOSING YOU!!! FAKE SAINTS GET READY TO SEE WHAT US REAL CHRISTIANS ARE ABOUT!!

  9. Caleb

    How do you download this? clicing the link only takes me to another page to listen to the song.

  10. Souled Out Saint

    Guess I’m the one who Agrees with Felicia! She is right! Who is this guy to speak against those laboring in the Kingdom! Just another young arrogant punk who is speaking out of turn. I did not care for the Lupe version and I certainly don’t care for this cheap imitation! I’m sick of artist launching these whoremonger tactics! Tryin to gain buzz and media attention! It’s funny that this is the first single! Same thing lupe did in an attempt to get attention! And this is also borderline Christian music! No one is goin to get saves off this! Stop worrying about the new world order, the Freemasons and the illuminati and start focusing on the power of our lord and savior Jesus Christ who rest rules and abides in us! Let’s reach people by spreading the gospel not go if Satan more power than he really has by promoting conspiracies an controversy!

    • J. Love

      2 Corinthians 2:11 “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.”

      Get involve

      Either your for of against!

  11. rwinston

    This was a bold move but this is how i feel…i feel that christians beat down other christians a lot…god sees sin as sin…whether you are an alcoholic…whether you are a drug addict…whether you have a sex addiction..whether you curse…whether you gossip..etc…now…lets say someone came up and made a rap song about you messing up (because we all mess up that is why jesus died on the cross) and basically shined the light on all your flaws…for the bible says that dont talk about the spec in your brothers eye when there is a log in your own eye…also i feel non believers do feel a certain way about the church because of certain ppl BUT i do believe most of em are TRYING to find an excuse and if they look for an excuse they will find one…just like when they crucified jesus…jesus did NOTHING at all but yet they “found” a reason to crucify him…there is only one judge and he isnt living here on earth…so pointing the finger at joel olsteen or eddie long or the catholic church i dont think its right…pointing fingers isnt going to help the situation ..its just going to cause controversy and division..when we see people who struggle or arent living the lifestyle that we are suppose to live we PRAY for them and ask god to make a change in their life…what eddie long did was wrong BUT has absolutely NOTHING to do with us…that is between him, those victims, and god…everyone else is excluded…so what we need to start doing is stop trying to look at other ppl and be focused on how to better ourselves BUT yet pray for those who are in need of a change…id also like to comment on christians that say “i was lead by god” or “the spirit told me” when in reality its themselves…god isnt going to tell you anything that doesnt line up with his word…you speak out against whats wrong of course but to judge the person for a mistake they made???? ….even peter denied jesus three times but jesus still loved him and peter was still a man of god…sometimes ppl say things that arent right ..the disciples tried to stop a certain man from casting out demons in the name of jesus…everything that comes out of our mouth and everything we do may not be right…but that doesnt mean we arent anointed…as christians we need to uplift each other and pray for each other to stay focused on what god has in store for us…its hard enough in this world to do it around sinners but now our own kind has division…

    • Shawn McFarland

      Mr. Winston,

      I attacked Royal.T for the same reasons. Then I actually had a chance to talk to him and I got to see where his heart is. And this guy is on fire for God and yes he is bold in his calling.

      I see him somewhat of a modern day Paul. Paul did not hold back and he said what was given to him. I’m sure a lot of the people within the church were thrown off by what he said but guess what? That didn’t stop him from doing what he felt he had to do! That’s the problem in the church today. We are not BOLD! We are COWARDLY. And we don’t speak out on what needs to be spoken on. We instead tuck our tails behind us and watch the body be destroyed. Before I go further Royal.T did say in the song, “If you have any questions feel free to contact me?” Did you do that? Since we are being biblical if you have a problem with him shouldn’t you have approached him or try and contact him directly? Just a question.

      MOVING ON! Royal.T was not pointing the finger at Joel Olsteen? He said, “YOU GOT SOME EXPLAINING TO DO” which he does. When you have a voice like Olsteen does and you say that “Jesus is not the only way” clarification is imparative! I mean seriously man. What does that say to people who follow his teachings? The biggest problem I see is we confuse slow REBUKE with Judging. There is a difference. Believe me I had the ideals similar to you till I really sat back and reflected on where Royal.T was really coming from. He is in a position that he can really reach an area that hasn’t been reached yet. I urge you to listen to his other songs like Free Mason and Mind Controlled. This young man has something special and who are you to say this is not what he was called to do? Just because you don’t get it does not mean it’s not anointed! Royal.T is not the one causing confusion. It is RELIGIOUS, IDEALISTIC Christians like you who are causing the confusion.

      Next time you got an issue I urge you to come to him directly. That’s what I had to do and I heard this kids heart! SMH dude. You are really off base!

      Shawn McFarland

  12. reggie

    Shawn weren’t you the first to judge artists w different calling? you judged Rey king royal t and Los.. …idk I don’t believe you you need more peopl

  13. rwinston


    I dont have a twitter or facebook account so i cant contact him…but i do know the difference between judging and rebuking and im about to break it judge someone is to take an action(not limited to actions can be clothes, race, height, etc) that someone does and evaluate how that person is off that action or actions…to rebuke someone is to disapprove someones action and CORRECT them…so when you rebuke someone you should address them DIRECTLY..when you do it behind their back it just becomes GOSSIP or JUDGEMENT…for example he had insinuated eddie long is gay…yeah he slept with guys but does that make him gay???? depends if he repented…just like if you have lied before but it does it make you a liar??? depends if you repented…just like if you drink alot of alcohol and got drunk the night before does it make you an alcoholic???? depends if you repented…when you REPENT (which means to ask for forgiveness and to turn from sin) he washes ALLLLLLL your sins away…and you become white as snow…so its like as if it never happened…but HIS judgment is saying that eddie long is gay which means that eddie long didnt repent and turn from his ways…when you talk about judgment theres alot of assuming when you rebuke there are facts….the only ppl who actually know that he repented is him and god…when we were all in sin we may have been a certain way whether it be drug addicts..alcoholics..forenicators…alduterers…abusers…etc…but when we REPENT (which means to ask for forgiveness and TURN from sin) we arent given that label anymore…but when we dont know something is right or wrong we should always refer to wwjd(what would jesus do)…would jesus make a dis song on other peoples faults and put there name it for the whole internet to hear?..prolly opinion is when it comes to a christian artist the main objective is to uplift his name and to REACH out to people to come to christ or to keep the focus on current christians…and i can tell royal t’s intentions were good and he meant well but instead of reaching out to ppl and have them coming to christ you have this convo…but royal t is right there is alot going on in the churches and behind closed doors but instead of throwing out names and talking about it we need to take action and pray….and just to throw this out there i think christians views of gays are disappointing..we have christians out on the streets holding up poster boards disapproving gays and wont talk to them and saying all kinds of things…now the bible clearly states that its wrong to be gay…BUT arent we trying to win souls??? they are just going to hate us even more with the approach we take…once again we have to PRAY for people that are gay and if you have one in your family or at your job you should love them and be christ like…when you do that you will automatically just have that glow about you and they will be drawn to you…once that happens share to them what jesus has done for you and delivered you from…thats the approach that should be taken…but shawn this is all out of love…and you to royal t if you read this…

  14. rwinston

    oh and i almost forgot to address you saying “who am i to say he wasnt called to do this”….alot of ppl say they were lead by the spirit or god told me this…but ALL im saying is that IF IT DOESNT LINE UP WITH THE WORD OF GOD THEN GOD DIDNT SAY IT..god isnt going to tell you to go against himself…a house divided cannot stand … and as for me being religious??? religion is when a human tries to act spiritual or achieve spirituality…so im not religious because i AM a spirit…i have a flesh but im not OF the flesh…i dont die to live i live to die…when i gave my life to christ thats the day my flesh died …i dont do all the name tagging ….meaning me being baptist..or religious…etc….i am a child of god…i live for him…i love him with all my heart…im fully committed…and thats that…and im dont think im causing confusion at all…the confusion comes when the word of god says one thing but people are so stuck on their own personal beliefs they compromise….so they take what the word of god says and what they believe and put it into one….thats what royal t was saying about joel olsteen…(like i said before royal t is right with what he said but i felt that his approach was off) ..god doesnt need our personal view…everything we need to know is in the bible…its an open book test…

  15. Souled Out Saint

    I’m glad someone said something! This song was really out of order! Royal.T is the king of controversy! Take this song down Nick!

  16. rwinston

    souled out saint,

    you got mad at royal t for judging but then you judged him in your comment… the bible says he who is without sin cast the first stone…..i guess me talking about how we should all love each other was overlooked..i tried though..well im done talking about this but i will leave some scriptures that may minister to everyone…

    1 corinthians 13 : 4-5

    4Love is patient, love is kind It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not DISHONOR others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

    matthew 23:37-39(talks about what the greatest commandment is and it says love the lord your god with all your heart mind soul and strength…then says the second most important commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself…

    galations 6:1 (Bretheren, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him GENTLY(one of the fruits of the spirit). But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted.



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