Royal.T releases a EXCLUSIVE preview of the first single off his anticipated Debut Mixtape, “Brave New World”. Royal.T is taking his time with this project so he ensures it’s both raw and real and reaches the masses. Royal.T is changing the way “Kingdom Artist” do things and he has a lot to say. Don’t take our word for it. Listen for yourself and on July 7th, 2011 to download the full version of this song! You can get it here at New H2O first!

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  1. Royal.T

    Hey fam. Thanks for supporting this in advance. I need all y’all to get this video VIRAL. Let’s create some buzz going into Thursday and make this song shoot to the top. Not cuz of me but because the true words that were given to me for everyone to hear!

  2. Shawn McFarland

    Well well well! Bravo mr. Royal.T! This wow! Don’t know what to say! You really took a risk but I think it paid off! Suit up cuz the attacks are coming!

  3. Shawn McFarland

    I’m pretty excited to hear the rest! Go get em! You real just like bizzle man! You made me open my own eyes!

  4. Pastor Cooper

    Love it…keep pushing.Part two is even better! Can’t wait July 7th…..

  5. AC

    Im feelin it fam…It aint been the same since JFK even though that was wayy before my time lol just sayin

    • Royal.T

      Yea fam it was before my time but if you look at the history of it all. It’s just so much man. We gotta educate. But Thursday we TAKING OVER!

  6. Jayson Bradford

    These lyrics are insanely deep. I don’t understand how people aren’t commenting on this song. I know that personally I am looking forward to hear what is next coming this Thursday. This right here is REAL music, whether you are Christian or not you can appreciate it. I’ll say this. I am NOT Christian by any means

    I think that Royal.T is really going against a social norm with this song and he is not afraid of saying what needs to be said. Unfortunately a lot of people are going to miss out on this cuz his name isn’t Bizzle, Lecrae or Yaaves. And that’s really said because I feel these lyrics and delivery can even stand toe to toe with Lupe’s lyrics which Lupe is one of my fave rappers. Like I said earlier it should be interesting to see and hear what Royal.T comes with next. This dude is onto something and I may even bump his mixtape if it’s anything like this song right here!


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