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  1. Emily Caldwell

    Hey…awesome awesome song!!!! Thanks for doin it!! lol……how can i download it??? I like clicked on the button for it..but it sent it to another listening tab.

  2. The REAL Pastor COOPER

    For who ever Decided to USE PASTOR SL Cooper and MAKE false Remarks about my stand with Christain Rap or Music . Does not KNOW me!! I Support ROYAL T, GENERATION SWAGG (Which I am a Part of) and what they Stand for. It is VERY disrespectful to use someone elses name to say what your not BRAVE enough to say themselves. I am VEry Supportive of this site. if you doubt it contact me ANYTIME and I would Be glad to SPEAK with you My email address is

    Who Ever Has made this False comments I ask you to Reframe and if you Must Use your OWN name and Words.



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