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  1. leonard

    yea i can 4 sure digg this track, the second dude on here came off sooooo raw!!!!!

  2. Amanda kohlz

    I love l.o.s.!!!!!!!!!! Thank you royalt for gettng them on ur track they need more features to show they rippin it right now for the kingdom. Royal u went hard. But j1 I think that’s his name went sooooooo ham on this my gawd! I see they was poking at his “cockyness” or “flashy”. Wordplay but he kinda explained y he does what he does!

    “Now they on ur website talking bout my actions/ just keep me in prayer boy I pray for no distraction/ now they sit and question my integrity/ I will hold ur word til the very death of me”! Oh man he went in but my fav part is
    “Now u looking at a rockstar!”

    And 3rd dude was nice as well I liked flow
    Overall track is hot

  3. Goddi of L.O.S

    Thank you all for all the love and support!! At the end of the day the glory goes to the most high! Kingdom first! God Bless

  4. Royal.T

    Much love to all of you who checked this song out. Much love to Goddi & J1 for the collab on this one. All glory goes to the FATHER!

  5. Cruz

    Beat is a lil played out but nonetheless it was destroyed. Good job fellas and a lil fyi noone has ripped it as hard as the second dude his flow was perfect on there rey king manhandeled it but this dude took it to another level.#justsaying

  6. Max ormachae

    @souled out dude you need prozak! All that arrogant talk and claiming need to chill lol you reason y second verse happened. It for the kingdom bruh

  7. Min. Jacqueline King (@MinJackieki)


  8. Shawn McFarland

    @max go burn one! Ive already cleared the air with Los and Royalt so stop letting Satan use you to stir up mess!

    I love this song! Y’all did a great job! Royal.T you are growing as an artist! You haven’t even been rapping for a year and you are definitely on your way! Your wordplay and flow are developing quite nicely! Los killed it as usual! Very brave o you to put industry heavyweights like them on your track but you held your own! All in all great job! Now im ready for that Royalt d Tropp collab!

    • j1 of los

      @Shawn good looks fam appreciate the love lately. Idk y some people just don’t get us lol. @Max lol big ups fam no need foe the drama fam good looks tho

  9. AMP

    My dude Goddi, str8 BODIED this track. Never heard him like this before. L.O.S. OG Muzik in the building babyyyy!

  10. wiseguy

    love the beat, dont mind it bieng flipped ….but couldnt they come with an original hook at least. isnt this just secular music carbon copied ? at least flip it with a different cadence and hook.

  11. Pete simmons

    That kid said some slick lines!…”gather all these beats I kill em all serial killer” and …”yeah we hustle hard that’s the reason we got life for!” That was str8 fire!

    3rd dude went in w auto tune puunchline all in all h2o if los ain’t on 2011 most consistent award list y’all trippin on ketchup

    Fyi cop sample of life its a sick album and los was the best in every song

  12. Christina Lamont

    These guys went all in! I would love to see a Lecrae featuring L.O.S track!!

  13. Trigger

    Omg! This dude j murdered this so bad! This dude is an animal! Best verse by him since “swagged out” and both monsta

  14. Heavyweight

    Idk what y’all talkin bout his flow may have been nice but he ain’t reppin the kingdom. Tell boy to go and pray before he accuses others of judging and he the one talking reckless…u ain’t a rockstar homie be humbled before jesus and quit w the cockyness. No disrespect I’m just keepin it 100

  15. Sold Out Saint

    Thank you for confirming everything II said earlier! The song is nice but all three dudes are super cocky! “sounds a lil cocky but I know that I’m the best!” really Royal.T? Where’s the humility? You decent but you ain’t all that! You need to stray away from music and collabs like this! You have potential to be a force but you are beginning to stray away from kingdom that you day you rep! All I hear u say is swag this and swag that! So annoying! And j1 ripped it yes but it sounded now diff from anything secular!

    • Heavyweight

      @souled out I’m just saying the kid is nice and he did rip it but again lot of his bars are bit too much…

      “Gather all these beats I kill em all serial killer”? I mean really dude y wouuld a man of god(if he is) placing himself as a serial killer?

      And “now u looking at a rock star? Dude u lenny kravitz now? U led zepplin lol u ain’t done it yet and all aren’t pushing the kigdom as u should be so fall back.

  16. D-Tropp

    I get what ya’ll saying about the cockiness… I get that you may think that’s cockiness… but I know that these are humble dudes. The “cockiness” that you hear is them boasting about the gifts the father has given them. Too many christians are tentative and ashamed of what they live for. Bump that noise, I’mma boast about my savior and boast about the gifts I’ve been given. To some it may be cocky, but I look at it as worship cause that’s what it is. THESE MY DUDES! Much love to all ya’ll and the comments were on point for the most part.

  17. tyler

    Typical case of people reading too far deep into it. GUYS THIS SONG IS OBVIOUSLY DESIGNED TO REACH THE NON CHRISTIANS! they are just speaking the streets language, relax….

  18. Christina Lamont

    If yall would stop stereo typing and supporting the home team maybe we would see more of these guys in the VMAs. While yall are here bashing real men of God we got devil worshippers on world wide stages sending our generation to hell.

    @ heavyweight… you ate clearly a hater cause if you were really looking out for the kingdom you would do some research before you blasphem against other men of God. If you took the time to listen to all of l.o.s material you would find songs like “lost in you”, “let it go”, and even “mercy rain” which speak If nothing but God and his love. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

  19. AMP

    Some of y’all dudes on this site are understanding, God Fearing people, and ITS AWESOME. But then you got quite a few who are the first cats to just want to a throw a stone at a person for no reason. Last time I checked, you CANT judge a person for the sawdust in THEIR eye, when you YOURSELF have a plank in yours. WE (as in ogmuzik) use our gifts, The LORD has given us, to our best ability to do what? To reach the non-believers and the people who need help the most. Last time I CHECKED, healthy people don’t need the DOC. So before you start throwing out the blasphemy card and start saying we up-lift ourselves, go STUDY a little bit more, and come up with a better argument, then the fact that we are just boasting about ourselves and talking about SWAG all the time. Hands down the things some people say about other Christians makes me SICK. How are you gonna win a generation, when you can’t even stand the person thats on the same team as you?

    AMP, OG Muzik.

    P.S. Go copp SOL2 on the website. SWAGG.

  20. Heavyweight

    Oh man….look what I done started. Y’all again protecting someone who ill admit may have his own agenda but being arrogant brings ingnorance. He obviously has issues to deal with before he picks up a mic for christ. @amp you trying to quote verses but doesn’t that same bible have a saying” the humble shall be exalted and the exalted will be humbled” bite on that one see how that tastes. J1 bviosly has a bit. A bit. Of talent but that will be tarnished once he uses them for the wrong reasons and glorifies himself more than the most high. I heard of corey redd and rey king and now this dude wanna follow suit because he thinks the hhh industry needs a new twist. God doesn’t change how he reaches people so how is the one he is using trying to change the way its done? @christina I’m sure they are good songs…I will listen but u only listed a couple and based off what I heard from monsta and poppin bottles and now this he ain’t on a good track… all in all people l.o.s. has talent no denying tht but let’s not let the talent get over on annointing. God bless yall

    • Christina Lamont

      I listed just a few songs cause I dint want to list the entire list. Lol. I felt the same way about their approach at first. I did some research of my own and came to the conclusion that they make music to reach the non believer and to feed the believer. The fact that u haven’t even heard of the songs I just listed shows that u don’t know enough about them to judge them. We can pick and choose bible verses for days do back up our ow n individual points but lets not do onto them what the people did to jesus and thats crusify them without knowledge of who they really are.

  21. AMP

    LOL you would swear the way this guy speaks about talent and music that you are a triple platinum recording artist with a number one single out. So let me ask, are you? Highly doubt it, and seeing that you arnt were so you get off shooting people’s talent down? And if you believe in that Bible you quote you would know it’s God who gives the gifts and talents and I THINK he knows who he gives it to. But I guess if in our music if we don’t say “hey Jesus loves you” in every bro and chorus, were exalting ourselves. But let me say this, in sports the athletes that are CHRISTIAN, do they play their sport as a CHRISTIAN? No they play it like a man, and CARRY themselves as men of God. In music we speak about OUR own lives, what we go through, what we see, OUR art. And since we are MEN OF GOD, God obviously is in our art. But let’s say we do a girl song, or a song about love, does it make sense to say Jesus Jesus Jesus in every bar? Hmm don’t think so. God knows our heart and I KNOW Gods gonna take OG MUZIK to the top with or without your support or help. And if you do make music, link me up so you can obviously teach us and the world the definition of being humble in music.

    Thanks. AMP OGMuzik.

  22. Royal.T

    Yo AMP u my dude but back off a lil fam. Don’t let these dudes bring you to your level. Not everyone is going to understand the MISSION and the MESSAGE. As long as we do what we are told to do the rest of everything else really don’t matter. Much love to all of you. Appreciate all your input! Feel free to hit ya boy up at @RoyalTMusik

  23. Lex

    Won’t lie track is def. a good one as i read the comments these dudes say about my boy J it doesn’t suprise me .HHH is so closed in a little box the we should all stay humble and quiet and hope one day someone will listen. Last time i checked God has called us to be radical Christians. Stand out and show people God actually manifest through us the humbleness is very important but, if you mean that im not allowed to boast about my blessing and how good im living because of God than youre not allowing me to TESTIFY .If Tyler The Creator An athiest, can tell Jesus to shut up, and win best new artist of The year, then best believe J1 can say that where living it up as rockstars living the goodlife obviously in a goodway. Opinions are great but Judging is wrong. I respect youre opinion cuz we all have diffrent way of seeing things, just don’t bash THE people THAT ARE reaching out to those SAME exact SOULS you are trying to too.

    O.G. MUZIK

  24. 9millie

    I don’t agree w heavyweight 100 but he has a point there has to be a line drawn between swag and god. He tryin way to hard to swag out god. God don’t need to be swagged out. But I do understand he has a dif calling. J1 I’m praying for u

  25. Cynthia

    ONLY GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART AND CALLING ! Who are we to say or judge what is between you and your creator.. @Heavyweight, You seem to keep talking about being humble , But arent you the one just bashing these dudes for trying to put the word out ?, Does not look like a humble person to me. And you are just basically talking bad about the person and JUDGING their work, talent and relationship with God. Seems a bit ignorant.

    *Ignorant- Lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular

    There is many and different ways to approach someone about how u feel about their work, music. One thing is trying to help someone out and another is just basicaly trying to downtalk them.

    If you really cared about the kingdom, You would help a brother in Christ instead of just throwing rocks at them.

    You are acting as a patron to these artist.

  26. Gleeko

    This track just made want to hustle harder to bring more souls to the kingdom! Forget these haters… This song just moved my spirit. Royal an Los don’t let no1 ruin your art.. It’s amazing. For all y’all that think this is swag… Lol this is just another gift from GOD… Having swag is just a bonus..

  27. Heavyweight I see these dudes have a following. Ain’t noone being ignorant cynthia just speaking honest truth. I hope I am wrong and buddy is in fact a true man of god w a new caling upon his life. Dude just spit like he drake or weezy I see no difference besides him not cursing. So if anything y’all ignorant for bashing me for trying to level the playing field as u guys protect him I have my own duty and point out what seems fishy. Amp bro calm your nerves homeboy u getting worked up for no apperent reason. U guys all hav talentand honestly this ain’t had nothing to do w og or los just w some of j1 verses that he takintothe pulpit. I don’t do music but I am a counselor at my church and worry bout what these youth from ages 13to 21 listen to. This seems like their style so I ask and giv out my opinion

    • j1 of los

      Aight homeboy enough w the web talk. As an “artist” I woudnt answer you but I will as a man. You have a problm w my ministry or @legionofsouls holla at me directly @j1oflos of email me
      Nuff said god bless you all no need for any more firethere is a greater need out in the streets we live in to save those in the dark. No need to entertain this. I thank you all for the love and support and even the ones who ” question my integrity” lol ironic. Anyways heavyweight you wanna talk I’m open homie hit me up

  28. Sold Out Saint

    Royal.T I gotta question whether or not ur actualy a Christian! Everything you drop creates controversy! Since the day you came out! God is not the author of confusion buddy! If you ask me you are nothing but a wolf in Sheeps clothing! Go rap in the secular world like you wanna! Sick of cats like you giving Christ a bad name! Jesus never bragged like y’all!

  29. Christina Lamont

    Sold out… I fear for you, for the lord is going to judge you with the same measure you are judging others. Matthew 7:2.

    If we have nothing constructive to say.. why not just let God deal with them. We each Individually will have to answer to God for the responsibility he has given us. If you dont like their approach GO LISTEN TO SOMEONE ELSE’S MUSIC! lol SIMPLE.

  30. Cynthia

    @Heavyweight, You claim your a councelor, Is this how you really work ? Judging people without knowing them?
    Forgive me but I am also worried abouth these youth. And as a councelor you should have know how to approach this in a different manner. Specially if you are a councelor at church.
    We shouldnt scare people off with pointing fingers but support and help each other, Your contradicting yourself by saying we ignorant for bashing you.. ? Practice what u preach buddy. Check the comment history.

    @Sold Out Saint.. Nobody asked you so that comment was completely inappropiate. Just to even talk about someone like that without even knowing them says a lot about a person. And the truth shall come to the light. You sound like you have hatred in your heart and I will pray for you.

    This is an imperfect world full of imperfect people. We need to learn to love , help and support each other. Instead we shut our brothers down without even trying to help or give advice. If you truly care for his kingdom, for the youth, for God’s people… Help out.. do something about it. Dont just talk about it and bash people.

    Royal T, L.O.S- we support you and ur ministry !

    Dassit !! .. God bless 😉

  31. D-Tropp

    Ight so on the real tho… we don’t do music to please Christians… its the sick who need a doctor. So if ya’ll christians don’t like it, well then we aren’t trippin and that’s just real talk. Got love for all of ya’ll but you miss the point that these lyrics are GOD BREATHED. Christ worked on the sabbath and the pharisees told HIM that HE was wrong. Ya’ll see where i’m getting at? A lot of ya’ll don’t know this dude, a lot of ya’ll don’t know half the dudes you criticize. With that said you have to make sure you don’t shoot with bad aim. You saying things like “wonder if you even saved?” Really… one song is gonna make you think that? He says the name of Christ, but still ya’ll christians speculate. The reason is a lot of ya’ll just look for “fake christians.” Well let’s keep it 100 we ALL are fake christians, we all have fallen short of the glory of God Romans 3:23. This music isn’t for Christians to feel good… its to help people see Christ and help them see Christ in a way that’s attractive (that’s biblical). So again, sorry that we don’t do it the way YOU want us to. But we do it the way our savior wants us to. If you have the savior in your heart you should understand that. This wasn’t written out of any anger, out of any feeling other than trying to clear the air in a way for all ya’ll to understand. MUCH LOVE! Again… look deeper than the music itself. Maybe the Lord wanted these conversations so that other people can be challenged in their faith. LEYYGO

    • Sold Out Saint

      Isn’t royal t your “big brother”? Of course you’re going try and defend him! Much like Kanye defends the demonic jay z! But I went backand listened to every song by him and he NEVER talks about Christ and there is never a message! So what gives?

      • D-Tropp

        Lol well call me Kanye then bro… out of love I’m gonna say that you as well as a lot of other people on this site are NOT taking the Godly way.. the biblical way of going about this. The bible says to “restore him gently.” Not slander him on a Christian music website. You should try and contact him and come to him with any concerns you may have. This should be done between him and you and out of love. Ya’ll gettin’ it twisted… acting like ya’ll some “super christians” but when it comes down to it ya’ll don’t even remember how the bible tells you to act. Love you all… but remember what you’ve learned.

  32. Just Realness.

    1st off song is bananas. And yes that kid j1 went in super duper sick. No matter what anyone says. 2nd of all @cynthia gone head girl lol u preachin it hahaah. @sold out? It should be soul-out cuz u obviously have no soul speaking like that. Bruh in the bible it says the pharsees and highest priest thought jesus himself was the devil…hint hint you talk a lot like a pharasee homeboy keep it kool and go somewhere with those allegations b this ain’t worldstarhiphop its a place to uplift not destroy. I bet j1 would honestly destroy u lyrically mentally and spiritually but he obviously the bigger man for not following your comments and so is royalt. You prolly one of those real out there christian where u crazy for god out in streetss but you secretly crave lady gaga and justin bieber! Hahahahahah how you like the shoe does it fit? @heavyweight I hope u talkin to j directly and wanna see no more comments unless they good. I don’t know any of these dudes personally at all but they music has ministered to me. Listen to the legion mixtape its free go dl it then we talk. God bless and let’s keep keeping us in prayer all of us ain’t perfect. Btw I’m bumping this hard in my youth night tonight! Thanks los and royal t

  33. jersey

    ay though!! J1 straight up went H.A.M on this track, props to Goddi and Royal.T to.

  34. Heavyweight

    Aight. I have personally chatted w j1. And even tho I don’t agree 100 percent w his ways I can now appreciate his honesty and his integrity and not backing off from a debate. Nuff respect j. I applaud your testimony. You guys can ease off me now. Lol. Thank you stay blessed I’m done. Lol

  35. Queen B

    Glad all that is all deaded! That was sum crazy issh. Anywayz I will def ride out to this. Im feeling the swagg on them heavyweights j1 & goddi. And who is this kid Royal.T? I ain’t never heard of him before but he pretty niiiiiiiiiice!

    • Christina Lamont

      I also just recently purchased their latest release Sample of Life 2 cd.. its really good too.

  36. DreDre

    Love LOS hot track. For every hater yall got 100 supporters, so pinkys up. Lol.

  37. brandon rene

    omg the last 2 dudes manhandeled this track for real real! Los is pretty good! ha

  38. J. Maury

    @c’mon son… that was un-necessary. You.don’t like it dont listen to it… but don’t bash it.

  39. Israel

    My dear brother in the Lord this is just hot and I love this. I just now got to this song right now and I am loving this song! The song is hot with lyrics, flow, and beats be just dope. Thank you for your heart for be dedicated to this. I have prayed for you dearly because I was directly told to by the Lord to do so. You know that brother you got my support on this side. Hustle Hard!!! One Love, One God, Always Christ-Israel



  41. Unknown

    God chaser… You have no idea what ur talking about. Half of the artist you just mentioned are getting stoned for the same reason as why you stonin these dudes…. P.S music is music, the individual is a Christian… If music is Christian please advise me of when it accepted Christ in its heart.

    It upsets me when people take the liberty of bluntly calling others non Christians as if they know their daily lifestyles. If you want to crit the song, crit the song, not the artist … Specially when you don’t know crap about them. #justsayin

  42. Sky Harbor

    This is section to grade the tracks and blog about the tracks not the artist personal relation with god.
    this track is bangin. l.o.s. murked it…good looks royal t for the collab

  43. Simon Phadel

    Umm idk what to say but i will say that the 2 last kids ripped this harder than the original. Royalt good job on this man! los keep it coming!!!


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