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  1. Shawn McFarland

    Hmmmm! Not too sure about this one! I enjoyed Going Home but not too sure about this one! I don’t like Bizzle for the exact same reason! What is the purpose of talking about this? This won’t save any souls! As a Christian rapper your job is to preach the gospel not make controversial songs with questionable artwork just so you can get recognized! Royal.T had ok music and this is clearly an attempt to gain exposure! Royal.T should get a spiritual mentor and be groomed! I’d like to do this! I feel like he has a lot of potential and can really be blessed when he focuses on what is right! I just dont get the point of this song!

    • David Wilkins Jr


      Who are you to judge another man’s message? So you are an ordained minister of the gospel right? Are you and other children of God supposed to sit quiet on information that may help someone find the truth? I guess you may only take the approach of preaching a glamorous message all the time. Well God has called His soldiers to rise up and speak the truth… Royal T is doing just that. Let me take a different approach.

      What do you know about the fraternal code? Are you in a fraternity or have you been introduced to any of the underlying messages that are prevalent to the masonic journey? If you haven’t been educated on this content, I would challenge you as a minister to understand what is truly going on. I have experienced a portion of the fraternal code within Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. I also know of brothers personally who have taken the deeper journey of pursuing the Masonic journey. That is all I will say but don’t be deceived….satan is at work! It is our job as Soldiers of Christ to fight against the evil army.

      His message is right on point. The average person does not know a lot about the Illuminati or the Masonic code. He is bringing it to the light, so you should actually feel a little guilty that you are not doing the same. You are the one who is making this a controversial argument. Do you even know Royal T? Have you spent time with this brother in Christ?

      Based on your comments, I would actually suggest that you get a little counseling on the reality of the world we live in… We will all pray for you. As it is very disappointing to hear a minister be this ignorant.

      • CourtRenae

        I agree with Shawn these guys should be focusing more on the Kingdom of God not so much on free masons and JayZ everybody knows these guys are doing dirt its obvious. Every video is dark so its not like their hiding it. SMH Jesus didnt walk around the earth saying watch out for Satan he is a bad guy. Don’t listen to to Pharaohs because they work for Satan.LOL He didn’t do that because he didnt have to He just said believe in Me and My Father and repent the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. That’s all He had to say and ppl saw Him and the way He lived His life and followed Him. AND NOT once did He have to tell ppl about how shady Satan is THEY KNOW!!! Sinners KNOW they SIN we have to convince them theres another way and show them through our lives and tell them their SINNERS LOL c’mon Christians stop it already pray for these guys in the industry don’t point fingers. Thats why ppl hate Christians WE ARE FINGER POINTERS and we NOT waving our hands for them to come SMH…Let’s stop it please for JESUS sake!!! He wouldnt do it to u….

      • Jamese Redrick

        I could ALMOST agree with this statement if you didn’t say he was pointing fingers. I don’t feel he is saying that all masons are satanist or whatever, but I think he is more so speaking on the organization, and actually alot of people DONT know the truth about it. I’ve talked to eastern stars and they don’t even know what goes on in their organization, not because they were trying to be naive or hold out or info, but they simply joined for the sisterhood. ALOT of people do NOT research anything before they align themselves to these organizations. The song is spoken with love and kindness, but it’s shedding some light on the truth.

    • Greg

      Talking about free maisons works big, it’s not about preaching the gospel only but tell the believers how the Devil works, coz i strongly believe there x-tians who are addicted to their music yet satan is using thei music so that we can love sin, they make us feel like we’re Gods so we disobey God and do what we want. They need to be pointed out coz once u listen u start seeing the clear picture. Should we love God and obey Satan????nope

  2. Shumonte Cooper

    Powerful song speaking the truth, Many will not understand because the dont understand what Mason are about. This is not a diss song it exposes the work of the enemy. Royal T has done a Great job. This will let those that are a Mason or has thought about becoming one understand that it goes against the word of God. We suppose to expose Satan’s lies with the truth of God’s Word Hebrews 4:12. In 2 Tim 3:5 it states having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.”
    Enjoyed the Song

  3. D-Tropp

    Yo Shawn all I know is you gotta get to know the dude before you take shots at him and tell him to get “groomed” and more grounded in his faith. It’s real songs and real topics like these that us Christians stray away from either cause we are scared or don’t feel like it’s our place. All i know is God influenced this track in his heart so who are we to say that it isn’t “his job.” Check yourself and your own walk before you check someone elses. And after you check yourself, pray for grace and a warm heart cause you seem like you jumping to conclusions about someone you don’t know. All outta love

    Stay blessed… BANGING TRACK ROYAL.T

  4. Jamese Redrick

    Well, I personally think the song was very relevant for the day and time that we are in. There are alot of “Christians” that are joining this organization and have no clue that this organization is rooted and grounded in principles that go DIRECTLY AGAINST God’s word. Alot of times gospel songs are just talking about how were down and out struggling, praying for God to do something for us, and alot of gospel songs fullfill there purpose as to worshiping God. HOWEVER, I have yet to hear a steady flow of gospel artist speaking about TRUTH, relevant to the times. You think that the people haven’t heard about masons and other things that I won’t even address in this comment ?? I’m sure they have, I’m sure SOMEONE will listen to this song, and go you know what, I thought mason’s were a christian organization, or I thought they were this. And they will go take the time to research and or pray for themselves instead of blindly commiting to joining this organization. This song is all love, he spoke from the heart, he didn’t judge, he spoke the truth. And how are you going to suggest he get groomed, and then suggest that YOU are the one to groom him ?? Where is the humility in that ?? Just because YOU don’t understand the purpose of this song does not mean that it will not touch anyone else. This is NOT a song for exposure, his JOB is to do what GOD says, and if this is what GOD gave him, then let him do his job. The song and artwork is cut and dry, there is no questioning about his message and intent if you are paying attention. ..

    Oh and I love the song =]. That is all.

  5. Shawn McFarland

    @Red I’m a minister of the Gospel! Iron sharpens iron and I’m just trying to disciple a young brother who I feel is anointed! He needs guidance! All great leaders have had it!

    As for everyone else stop defending your friend and see the issue! Don’t enable this behavior! Look at all the people in Charlie Sheens life who let him spiral down! They should’ve helped! Granted this is not on the sand scale but it’s the principle of the matter! As his friends you need to encourage him to preach the gospel! Granted there may be some Christians caught up in this but there is a lot more unsaved ppl who need to hear the message of Christ!

  6. Jamese Redrick

    You are ignorant beyond belief my brother and that is no disrespect. God bless you, have a great day.

  7. MannyMan

    Haters speak witout thinking twice” Yo Good Track Micah and topic its straight reality and people need to know! But it had me wanting to know more about the masons” I think you should come out with part two! like speaking more bout the masons a little more detailed but other than that brother KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DOING! AND SHAWN SHOULDVE SENT YOU A PERSONAL MESSAGE!!!! CUZ THAT’s KINDA MESSED UP!! 🙁 n I Understand shawn! but come on bro!!! seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Shawn McFarland

    I will pray that the bigger picture us seen! Father I pray that you take the blinders off and show your children what words you want spoken! God bless you all and I will not continue to fight the message God wanted me to give Royal.T His will be done

  9. David Wilkins Jr

    Keep your ear tuned into God’s word! He is working through you to rise up a crop of soldiers to fight satan’s army. Only few are chosen! Let’s take back the Kingdom! God is coming back soon!!

  10. da' steward

    man this song is official, dont listen to ppl who say Christians shouldn’t talk about this, being Christian is controversal. we proclaim Jesus is the only way and all other ways r wrong. if we cant say tht then we r not being timid Christians. but the bold call them out. i like this one

  11. Ty Watcher

    I am honestly feeling the song. I think that it is important to bring these things to light, but we also have to be mindful that the more we speak on things such as Free Masonry, and the Illuminati… the more power you give it. That and that alone being the reason I dont speak out on itas much as I once did. Not afraid, and if asked my thoughts, I will share.

    Overall, I am a fan, and will take a few more listened to be sure that I catch everything that was said.
    God Bless,
    Ty Watcher

  12. D-Tropp

    … to be honest… the Christians who judge other Christians are the ones who do the most damage. Shawn I’m sorry that Micah isn’t your “friend” but he is your brother in Christ. We are called to keep each other accountable… true. But out of love not judgment. If God said “you with out sin cast the first stone” i feel like (from the vibe I’m getting) you would be the one to try and throw it. Bro we are all Christians… this shouldn’t be Christians vs. Christians. It’s us vs. the world. And clearly Micah was going against the world on this one and everyone can agree with me that he was. So if you aren’t on his side… which side are you on? Cause I know you’re not for the illuminati or the free masons… so why is it wrong to speak against it? Hmm.. just something to think about bro.

  13. DJ Anomally

    Yooooo!!! Royal-T… The only area the devil has dominion in is in what we don’t know (our ignorance) so thank you for shining light on this dark area…..many will not understand you bro, but i feel ya!!!!!

  14. DJ Destiny

    I thought the song was hot. However, I must say i am totally confused w/ Shawn’s perspective. As Christians we are called to spread the good news of the gospel. And that is not always easily done b/c everyone is not ready to receive the truth. We live in a cold world that’s filled w/ lies at every turn. So that being said, every Christian artist can’t rap or sing sunshine, flowers, unicorns & rainbows. Someone has to speak out on the tough topics. Someone has to shine a light in the darkest of places. As a minister… who better to understand this?! So I guess in my confused state. Arguing w/ you isn’t really what I or anyone else here wants. I guess I am looking for clarity from you. What do you do when you have to preach a message on a controversial topic? Avoid it or sugar coat it? And if you don’t avoid it (which is what I would expect your answer to be), why then would the same thing not be said about you? Ministers preach on controversial topics all the time. But they are not accused of seeking fame. CHH artists these days minister to just as may people as preachers do. I dare say more. So who is suppose to speak against ungodly things? All of us or know-one? I really don’t understand where you are coming from Shawn. Can you please clarify? What is this bigger picture we are all suppose to be seeing?

  15. Pastor Shumonte Cooper

    @ Shawn, This is my last comment, Ive noticed that you never used any scripture base for any of your statements which leads me to believe its your opinion. Secondly you used Charlie Sheen and his friends as an example, but the problem with that is Mr.Sheen isnt save! so the friends that support him are probaly not saved either! Royal T is doing works according to the Word of the Lord i.e, EPH 5:11-13 and i Cor 9:19-23, 16:13-14. Royal T has saved and grounded friends in the Lord. I believe you need a little guidance yourself. Dont become judgemental, like the Pharisees they new the word but couldnt even recognize JESUS. Stay Bless my Brother and lets get on one Accord.

  16. Jospeh T

    @CourtRenae Are you Serious? maybe you should read aliitle more Jesus Did expose the enemy many times in the Bible and gave examples or his works. And NO its not ovious to those who are lost because they are carnel minded and Blinded thats what the word of the Lord say. And to Know WHAT the Kingdom is then stating that he is not preaching the Kingdom is totally incorrect also, Yourself and Shawn may need to have a Bible Study to learn before speaking.!

  17. D-Tropp

    Wanna know why this song was encouraged by God? Because its discussions like these that allow us to challenge others and grow in our faith.

  18. Cynthia

    Royal.T, the greatest thing about true leadership is the ability to lead. What we all must face sometimes scares us and sometimes we are just mad that Yahweh did not trust us with that word to give; nevertheless, Yahweh knew who would be bold enough to say it and who would lead to their own way just as Saul did and died because of his disobedience.

    Hosea 4:6 is where Yahweh reminds us that we are destroyed because a lack of Knowledge. You cannot destroy what you are unable to identify and you cannot win a soul if you are not assigned to that soul to win.

    I read that Yeshua did not go around speaking about, ‘beware of Satan”, but I have read countless scriptures where Yeshua warns the children of Yahweh about the wilds and tricks of the enemy.

    Someone else said that Yahweh gave you this message because of the conversation that it brought; however, God does not operate in chaos nor disorder. We spent more time defending your song then actually telling you how much we enjoyed it.

    We are in critical times and it is critical that we watch the words that we say God said or to one another.

    I will be in fear to speak ill about your message base off of my personal feelings, especially when God warns me about that…

    Yeshua had over 300 disciples and then He broke it down to 70 but you only hear of 12. Although, Paul is not an disciple, he is the one who brings the most controversial messages that we quote each and everyday.

    Royal.T, you are like me, there are people who color in the box and there are people like us, we are the people who makes the lines that others color in.

    A true minister will not ask to mentor/control your thoughts, he would have first sought the Lord on it, then contacted you on an personal email/note.

    The only opinion that matters here is the Father’s and if you have completed your asign task the way that He has given it to you, then job well done.

    Feedback is not always a good thing to request from other’s, you must remember that there is power in our words, so do not allow no one words to take root.

    I leave you with this, all great leaders not only stepped outside of the box, they created their own. Continue to do what God tells you to do and don’t listen to name sayers.

  19. Edward Faust

    look all these folk sayin “why u talkin bout jay-z n tha free mason’s” C’mon!! really? we jus suppose to sit back n let these people talk they smack n not strick back? ok lets do that……n lets not inform tha youth of these issues! music iz jus tha tool to spread tha message! satan is use’n music to deceive tha youth so let Bizzle n Royal T spit it back BUT in Truth form!!! u think crack kill’s? let us sit back n do nothin lyke tha church has been n c what we get!!! WHEN DO CHRISTIANS STAND UP N DEFEND THA TRUTH? WHEN? I KNOW THEY SPIT ON JESUS N MOCKED HIM…………….BUT WHEN DID HE SAY SIT BACK N DO NOTHIN? WE NEED TO STAND UP N DEFEND ARTIST LYKE THIS WHO SPEAK THA TRUTH IN A WORLD WHERE JAY-Z IS CALLED HOVA!!! WHERE THA REAL CHRISTIANS AT? CUZ BIZZLE N ROYAL T R 2 OF THA REALIST I’VE HEARD……………EVR!!!!

  20. Young World

    If no ones gonna speak the truth, then who is?
    The world has to know the truth even the believers.
    @Shawn, seriously bro? Royal.T is spitting the truth and spitting the information WE ALL need to know.
    There is nothing controversial about the song or the artwork, its just a warning to the non-believers and to the fellow christian’s. ohh and who are you to judge about what he raps? The whole purpose about this song is, SPEAKING THE TRUTH!

    Hot track Royal.T, Stay Blessed.


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