Roy Tosh - The Revert (Final Album Cover)

Roy Tosh’s upcoming free project The Revert releases on January 7th.


  1. Pop Off – Prod. by Scott Styles
  2. Bass Low – Prod. by Scott Styles
  3. Lean (feat. Black Knight & TJ Pompeo) – Prod. by Johnny Juliano
  4. Vanity – Prod. by Superstar O
  5. Loosin’ It – Prod. by Superstar O
  6. Trust – Prod. by J Gramm
  7. Take Me Back (feat. Benjah) – Prod. by Superstar O
  8. Fly – Prod. by Hollywood Legend Productions
  9. Shut It Down (feat. Deraj) – Prod. Black Knight
  10. Grace (feat. Benjah) – Prod. by Johnny Juliano
  11. Break In – Prod. by G. roc
  12. Revert – Prod. by J Gramm

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