How many times have we seen someone with a heart of gold, turn on all they’ve ever stood for just because they’ve succeeded in one way or another? The answer is more times than we care to admit. There is an important lesson to be learned from those people though. Perhaps you’re on the other side of things and you don’t feel successful. In that way you remain humble because there is no reason for pride in your heart. What you must not forget is, when it’s your time to shine, that you must make a conscious decision to not let your circumstances get the better of you.

How easy it is for those who are not succeeding to look at someone who is and say, “He or she used to be a humble person, now they think they’re all that.” We shouldn’t be so quick to say this if we have not been tested in the same way.

Whether you’re a struggling artist and you’ve just got your big breakthrough, or you’re a lowly employee getting a higher promotion or esteemed award, there is room for pride to grow. You must not forget where you have come from.

Always remember your struggles and how hard it was to do what you did. Your success should only humble you more, knowing that God would bless you in such way that you could never deserve.

I spent most of my life bitter and unsuccessful at nearly everything I had done. Though it was rough, God taught me great patience and gave me a great willingness to follow his plan at all costs. Sometimes we learn the hard way. I urge you not to learn the hard way but instead learn from others around you who have walked a similar path. When the time came where I started to see success, the fact that I spent so much time being unsuccessful, humbled me because I did not believe I had deserved it. God humbled me through the worst times, and he humbled me through the best times.

For the successful: Put God first and never forget your roots. Continue to work hard and let God use you for His glory. If things start to get hard, it is only because God is trying to further teach you and lead you on your path that He has for you.

For the unsuccessful: Do not allow bitterness to creep into your heart. Work harder than everyone around you, Put God first and chase your dreams to the ends of the earth. God will use you for His glory. If you aren’t successful right now it’s because God is still trying to teach you.

Keep working hard. No Days Off. We are all Made New through Christ.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you” 1 Peter 5:6


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  1. obeyurmasta1

    So at the proper time he may exalt you is when we pass this earth with his favor…on a gas station line i looked at a man and said…we were all made from nothing and if we don’t look to he who will make us something we are nothing. And if man is nothing yet causes me to think i am something, i am nothing. For we all have been created even when in the beginning God looked and saw a great void of darkness. We have all been created from nothing that we would by his great power come alive. How God esteems us is the only true estimation of us all.
    Now God filled me with power and great learning and i would hear in my ear…”your better than them” and i was tested. I felt those words and rebuked them over and over as often as i heard it in my ear till it vanished. Brothers and sisters as it says…think not more than you ought of yourselves. These are no days to become foul.
    Great topic!


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