One of the quickest rising artists within CHH, Reconcile releases his album Street Don’t Love You. The album is currently #12 on the hip-hop/rap charts on iTunes. You can purchase the album here:

Official Tracklist:

  1. Streets Don’t Love You
  2. Jesus Piece
  3. Just Another N***A
  4. Aint No Way
  5. Motivation
  6. Ur Love
  7. Free My Soul (feat. Corey Paul)
  8. Work (feat. Lecrae)
  9. Premeditated (feat. Jackie Hill Perry)
  10. Lecrae Speaks
  11. Going Through It (feat. Junebug & Stunna Bam)
  12. Hard Times
  13. You Still Here (Interlude)
  14. We Got a Way
  15. Proud
  16. Reckless (Bonus)

Watch the video for “Woke.”

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