Favorite Tracks: Risen (Ft. Joe Solomon), South Central, Leave You (Ft. J Paul), Numb (Ft. Dwaina), Last Night

Reconcile came out with his first official album Sacrifice, and he takes the listener through an authentic journey of his lifestyle that includes hardships and struggle.

Through the life of Reconcile’s he testifies boldly of the mercies Jesus has given him. Now what makes Reconcile different from other artists? Well I would said it is definitely his passion and the way he expresses it through his music.
I definitely felt his struggle, his pain, and redemption through the album, and especially the one’s I listed as Favorite Tracks. I found myself coming back to this album whenever I was struggling with faith, or going through a difficult situation where my faith was tested. Through his experiences he brings HOPE, and it is very comforting to be reminded of how Jesus has sacrificed for us.

I should of died in my ways, I gave you nothing but shame, but you saved me im nothing without you, you died and rose again…. I didnt realize you were all I need, until you were all I had – ‘Risen’ (Ft. Joe Solomon)

I personally felt the passion listening to a few of these songs while driving in my car. The songs were simply worship and praise towards Jesus with the theme of his Sacrifice.
In songs like ‘Leave You’ (Ft. Paul), he talks about leaving sin and the struggle of doing so. I felt like he put it all on the line with this song, there is so much emotion he expresses. This brings back what makes Reconcile different. Not every artist has to go through a difficult lifestyle to make a great album; but being able to go through it and share the experience makes it relatable to the point where you feel like you’re the person within the song.

Perhaps his video for the song ‘Leave You’ will help understand.

Through the album, I believe Reconcile wants us to understand a few things such as: Following Jesus does not guarantee you a pain free life. Change cannot happen without the love and the sacrifice of Jesus. Nevertheless, Reconcile helps us to understand His sacrifice makes our walk worth it.

To sum this up, Reconcile leaves us with the intended message of, “how will you live differently knowing Jesus’s sacrifice for you…”

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