In 2004, Chicago native, Jeremy Hearn, also known as Radio Roman had become a lover of writing lyrics and poetry. He’d always known that he wanted to be a singer and songwriter. Roman explains, “My name has changed like 5 times, I finally settled on Radio Roman and was upset to find out Nicki Minaj’s alter ego’s name was Roman. I did not want to be confused with her, but I love the name and it has a lot of meaning, so I’m keeping it.”

Being influenced by his rap superstar cousin, Lupe Fiasco, he began building his own recording studio and working on music. “He taught me so much about the music industry and sat me down and explained to me a lot of what goes on behind the scenes, business-wise”.

In 2008 he met Adriel Cruz, also known as, Skrip. He would begin to be mentored by him and to this day have a close-knit relationship. “He was like the father figure I didn’t have in my life at the time,” explains Roman.

In, late September of 2013, Roman released his first official single “Queen of Hearts”. After many positive reviews, he announced he would be releasing a 4-song EP titled “Screams & Heartbeats” in Late October of 2013. “I love fall and the nostalgic feelings I get during the season. I love the gloomy and dark atmosphere. It sparks creativity in me. It just reminds me of when I was younger during Halloween, even though I wasn’t allowed to celebrate it. I wanted to encapsulate that feeling into music. Not necessarily fear or scary emotions but just chill and vibe-able music. I wanted to get that feeling listening to the songs”, he explains.

The singer/songwriter is working on a lot of music and is planning to release his first full length project in the Spring of 2014 and a first single as early as February.

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