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  1. Hayden

    You guys should create a direct download. Reach Records is lagging.

  2. Jason H.

    PRo really brings it on this one! The beats and lyrics are straight FIYAH! The features just make it that much better! I would’ve paid top dollar for this if it weren’t free. Cop it! Now!

  3. shamir

    An absolutely amazing mixtape. I’ve been playing this in my car since last week… & I haven’t stopped. PRo’s got some great singles on this, including “In His image (feat C-Lite)”, “116 (remix)”, “Ride”, “Put you in”, and more. I just can’t believe this is free music. Go cop it.

  4. Kyle Alyea

    Jesus music! Incredible music talent for God’s glory alone. This mixtape is so awesome, I would pay full download price for it. Skeptical? Champion Song & Put You On tracks are mind blowing!

    Cheers to the King Jesus!

  5. Troy Mitchell

    This is such a Hot MixTape! I’ve been rocking it in the House, Car & MacBook all week… Tracks are Hot, Lyrics Smacking the Mental… Thanks PRo! Keep it Coming… Much Love to my Lil Bro Neil K Davis for sharing…

  6. Joshua Pomales

    Still goes hard! First time I ever heard Tony Tillman. Been a fan since.


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