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Princeton Marcellis – #DRUMSANDSIXTEENS Pt. 2 & 3 | Official Music Video

January 1, 2015


Princeton Marcellis – #DRUMSANDSIXTEENS Pt. 2 & 3 | Official Music Video

21 years of my life in the same apartment
We were low on cash somehow still shoppin’
In that toy department, when things were poppin
I would go hand to hand 12 o’clock and knock em drop em
I never knew what my pop meant, when spoke of the corporate
Industry for a black man I have to be in disguise
I’m the black clark kent
And it’s funny, they assuming that I am a ruined
black man who wants to get blunted, blunted
On boos like I got the ruger and shootin people for hundreds
But dawg this change is dire
I may look the same but He took me higher
Soul singing loud you would think its a choir
He saved me like a baby I pacifier (passed the fire)
No 9’s I aint never carried clip or the pump
But my life was suicide cause’ I was dead from the jump
But I’m alive now and it’s a process, taking Jesus to these projects
I’m not a prophet but I’ll profit if a dude repent and confess the Lord

I Yea, i am here to serve, like some waiters is/
the BOC is eatin, you can cater this/
the Bread of Life is why we got life, i want whatever my Dad likes/
i have no rights, im tryna be like Jesus so my swag bites/
im in the Light, wit my LORD, i used to try and buddy Him/
but now I treat Him like its dead week and i study Him/
at Christ folks try to take more shots than some bar spots/
but for me my God took more whips than some car lots/
it’s heaven or hell take ya pick, He came to fix those who are sick/
Jesus Christ, King of kings, take the crown from ya Vic/
the world be thinking we pyscho/
but if I’m livin for them my sights low/
I’m here for the Father to make sons and daughters the walk is gettin harder like tight ropeeeesss/
yuh, I used to trust myself my life was foolish/
heart far from God, every day I was a Judas/
empty lookin for purpose I try to find it in myself/
i would be fulfilled if I met my goals and gain some wealth/
but naw, that’s a lie holmes/
abracadabra that lie’s gone/
and now I’m bout the Father’s biz like I got a tie on/
you livin in the dark but He’ll turn the lights on/
and keep goin, fake nails, press on/
u gotta understand that Jesus Christ paid the price for me/
I wasn’t worth a drop of blood but He gave His life for me/
laid it down raised it up reigns back in eternity/
made me a son I like to be the Spirit is daily purging me/
and I’m no longer livin, it’s Jesus Who’s inside me/
go head and get a stick you can poke my dead body/
gone without a trace and we increase the murder rate/
the old me is in the dirt like he from the garden state

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