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  1. T-Time

    Great mixtape!!! You have some REALLY good songs. Ha but “Falling Up” on your last mixtape is still my favorite! haha but I have some more favorites on your new mixtape too.

  2. Inspo

    Very Good Mixtape Homie… a matter of fact it’s better than Great!!! Keep it Going. Shalom

  3. Sergio

    hey, i was wondering if wordly beats werent made for God, they were for satan so are the beats still giving glory to satan, if the beats came from sombody who is guided by the spirit, woodnt all glory go to him, woodnt tht be wut he wants? most of the time i feel like satan is getting glory off the beat, jus like sayin God is a biter, and he is not.there is none like him
    and theres alot of other stuff ppl say about this but this is wat i felt in my heart , and it makes sence to me
    i wood like to get correction/feedback from wise/spiritually

    • Godly Swagger

      sergio sometimes as christians we worry about the wrong things and put to much time taking away from God and his work than giving to him and supporting those he uses. i see your point and were your coming from but how is satan get glory from music that exalts the name of Jesus. beats are beats just that simple, and some people wouldn’t now that the beats were secular, cuz i don’t listen to secular music. if we looked at everything that you nor i couldn’t wear certain clothes cuz unsaved designers make them isn’t that glorfying them No! Nor purchase items i.e.certain head phones beats by dre, isn;t that glorifiying him No! Drive certain vehicles, jersys’s, food etc. stop worrying abour the small stuff concentrate more on those being reached by the music and saving souls. love you man God bless

    • Michelle

      God is the creator of music. God gave man his/her talents. A beat does not make it clean or unclean. Thats like saying (excuse my analogy) bra and panties are satan’s doings because strippers look like that. Its what you do with what God has given you. Satan gets no credit for beats,God gives talents. What christian artists do is they are giving God the glory out of something that satan perverted. Because God gets the glory out or all things.
      another example.. a suit dont make you a business man.. a uniform does not make you of that profession.


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