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Phil The Voice – Crickets (Single)

August 1, 2018


Phil The Voice – Crickets (Single)

Vine Style Records is excited to announce the release of Phil The Voice‘s new Single entitled, Crickets, produced by Reflection Music Group’s in-house producer On Beat.

The “Voice Scout” is back with another fun single for the summertime. This jam has a lighthearted sound, with a heavy message. The general message of the song, “CRICKETS” is: “speak the truth even when it appears that nobody wants to listen!”

“I was reading the Bible in the book of Ezekiel where God is speaking to his prophet and tells him that he is supposed to warn the people of the land because of their evil deeds. God then goes on to say that if the prophet does not speak the truth to the people; then their blood will be on his hands! Bottom line is…we’ve got to say what needs to be heard, no matter how it’s received!”

-Phil The Voice


Phil The Voice got inspired to create “Crickets,” after being up 48 hours without sleep while recording his current album set to release late 2018 entitled, “ONE”. The song, “Crickets” was spontaneously recorded without writing down most of the lyrics on paper. It’s raw, real and relevant as it documents the emotional state of man who is dealing with the responsibility to speak the truth even when people may not like what he has say.

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