Merry Christmas. There’s no debate that Jesus is the reason for this season. The debate comes when you start talking about the role Santa Claus plays in our Chiristmas holiday and how that impacts Christian families. How do you keep the focus on Jesus while dealing with the presence of Santa? Do you tell your children that Santa isn’t real? Do you let them believe in Santa anyway? Do you make sure they understand it’s all about Jesus and not so much Santa?

Well Last Frontier preacher David Grisham has his own answer. He believes it’s his mission to go to shopping malls during Christmas and spread the news that ‘Santa isn’t real’ to children and parents waiting in line to greet him. Here’s a tape of a recent appearance Grisham made at a mall in Amarillo, Texas.

Granted, the truth about Santa and Christmas is an important issue for many families. Particularly Christian families. But, what do you think of how Grisham is handling it? Is it his place to do this? Are his methods bold and Godly? Or inappropriate and misguided?

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