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Pastor S.L. Cooper has assembled an amazing team together to present, We Bout That Life. We live in a day an age where Christians are being attacked and our faith is being questioned. Instead of hiding and being silent it’s time for us to be bold and stand up for righteousness and truth. This mixtape is just that. It is a bold declaration to the world saying no matter what happens we are about the Gospel. To follow Pastor Cooper on twitter you can go to @PastorSLCooper. Remember we are the Great Commission.

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7 Responses

  1. Jariza11

    AWESOME thankyou FOR this Music It is truly Blessing ME LOVE IT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL tracks

  2. Timothy33

    NICE, Pastor Cooper and Friends….WE BOUT THAT LIFE!!! This BANGS BRO

  3. ChanceColdMcBay

    Thanks for everyone that listens. Jesus 100.
    #ReturnOfTheAlabamaChristian coming soon!

  4. CAJO

    Awesome Job Bro……I’m Definitely gone be on the next one. Check your inbox.


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