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Pandora AMP A Valuable Tool for Artists

June 14, 2019

Pandora AMP A Valuable Tool for Artists

If you didn’t know, Pandora released an artist tool called Pandora AMP last year. The tool covers a wide range of applications and uses that artists should be utilizing, especially since Pandora is the second most used streaming service in the world.

Watch Pandora AMP Explained Below:

For interaction with fans, Pandora Stories enables artists to create playlists and mixtapes with music, comedy tracks, and audio messages. AMP can also use audio messages to play before songs and post on social media for marketing campaigns.

Along with having music catalogs organized with Songdex, AMP has Music Reports that help artists with music licensing, rights, and royalties. Artists can target specific regions with whatever audio messages the artist wants. If an artist wants a particular track played more than others, they can make it featured that Pandora will prioritize to stream more. The tool even features statistical analysis of where and who streams an artist’s music. From a business perspective, Pandora AMP provides many applications for artists to market their music effectively.

What do you think about Pandora AMP? If you’ve used it before, what has your experience been like?

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