The P. Lo Jetson Project II (Front Cover)

Christian Rap Artist, P. Lo Jetson  is set to release the sequel of his debut album, The P. Lo Jetson Project. ‘The P. Lo Jetson Project II’, the  continuation of the project series, is given the surname ‘PDA: Public Display of Affection” and is set to release for free on March 31,  2014.

The P. Lo Jetson Project II encourages listeners to publicly exhibit a strong fondness for living lives that courageously reflect the image of Christ.

“We are living in a world where people are publicly displaying disordered affections. We’ve become preoccupied with what’s more appealing to our flesh  as opposed to seeking the will and companionship of God”, says P. Lo Jetson.

“The P. Lo Jetson Project II influences its audience to publicly put Christ of display. As a believer, display His love to sinners. As a husband, display His love to your wife and vice versa. We should publicly display righteousness in such a way that observers see Christ’s replica when they look through the display window of our lives”, Jetson says.

With its hit singles, Turn Down featuring Clear Sight Music’s super producer, SPEC and upcoming Christian-Pop singer, ChrissyLane and Light of the World, which charted #24 on CT-20’s “Top 50 Songs For Christian Radio”, ‘The P. Lo Jetson Project II’ is sure to publicly display Jetson’s affection for Christ. ‘The P. Lo Jetson Project II’ will also include features from 3MG’s T-Haddy, STRTTRBL’s SPZRKT, Young Noah, and MC Jin.

Official tracklist:

  1. I Have Decided (feat. J. Carter)
  2. PDA
  3. Turn Down (feat. SPEC and ChrissyLane)
  4. Word
  5. Light of the World (feat. J. Carter)
  6. Suffer (feat. Laurie Walker)
  7. Be Without You
  8. Your Will (feat. T-Haddy)
  9. Show & Tell (feat. Puntin & Phenom)
  10. P.U.S.H (feat. Young Noah)
  11. Vent (feat. SPZRKT)
  12. Close (feat. Adrien Austin)
  13. Same Ole Same Ole (feat. MC Jin)
  14. Your Own (feat. Carvena Jones & K-Zoe)

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