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Millions across the world prepare to dance all night to the electrifying new single from Christian recording artist, P. Lo Jetson. Three minutes and thirty-seven seconds of an upbeat energetic pop and Hip-hop fusion, “Dance All Night” is a thrilling Christian dance tune for people from all corners of the globe to groove to.

“Dance All Night” is an evangelical and captivating dance record that is sure to grab the ears and hearts of listeners instantaneously. The new single guarantees to have DJ’s spinning it endlessly and listeners continuously moving to its exuberant sound. Produced by Layird Music and accompanied by Mixed Bag Entertainment’s multi-genre singer and songwriter TJ Pompeo,“Dance All Night” will have a sensational and uplifting effect on the lives of listeners, apart from the enjoyable entertainment it gives.

According to P. Lo, “Dance All Night gives people the liberty to express their love and appreciation for GOD through the art of dance. It is more than urban Gospel music. It is a blend of Gospel, Hip Hop and Pop, thus creating a new sound in which I call Hip-Pop. It is not Hip Hop music. It is not Pop music. “Dance All Night” is what happens with those genres collide to produce a sound that encourages Godly fun and entertainment for all ages,” he added.

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