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Okay y’all. So I discovered Pretty Willie a.k.a. P-Dub a.k.a Willie Moe Jr. back when I was in the world. So I had been a fan of his for a minute. But I must say I’m much more of a fan now that he is changing the game in what we call Kingdom Music. P-Dub is setting the stage for some big things with his Young Fly & Saved movement. His Young Fly & Saved mixtape goes too hard and if you have downloaded it yet, well I don’t know what’s wrong with you!

1.Kingdom Music- The first song he hits us with is Kingdom Music. This is definitely one you can roll your windows down to and just bump as you cruise in whatever whip you may have. P-Dub in this song declares what Kingdom Music is and its purpose. This song is for anyone who is still unclear what Kingdom Music really is. Good work Mr. Moore.

2.Kingdom Music Intro- P-Dub plays host/dj on this and talks with the listeners. It’s real refreshing to hear the joy in his voice as he talks about Kingdom Music. This dude really loves the Lord and loves building the Kingdom!

3.Young Fly & Saved- The title track is one of my favorites. P-Dub teams up with Canton Jones & D Stone. In this song P-Dub and his friends truly give a new sound to Christian Music which is what Kingdom Music is all about! A lot of times people think that when you become a Christian you can’t have fun no more and you gotta be boring and old. Lol. Not the case and these dudes show us that you can still be fly, you can still be young and also give all glory and honor to the most high. This definitely is an anthem that can be embraced by our young generation!

4.Shine- This one is short but production on here goes hard. P-Dub is singing about letting your light shine no matter what. Even though times may get hard and seem like you don’t know where to go, don’t let temptation control. You just gotta keep shining. The only downfall of this track is it wasn’t long enough. Lol!

5.Good- P-Dub dedicates this song to his wife. The bible tells us that a man who finds a wife finds a good thing. I respect Willie for not being ashamed to tell his wife what she means to him. This is one of P-Dubs best love songs right here and a heads and shoulders difference from his old songs like, “4 Walls” and “Lay Your Body Down”. This just goes to show you what type of love you can have when done right. Mad respect for him and I can’t wait to experience this type of Agape love!

6.Kingdom Intermission- This dude got so much energy. Just listen to this and you will see what I’m talking about.

7.Fall No More- This is hands down the standout track of this project. Straight up worship and it really knocks on something that we all struggle with daily. What is that? Falling. Wille J who is also from the Lou (St. Louis) joins P-Dub on this emotional song of submission. This song straight up had me broken down, crying and my face before God telling him that I’m tired of sinning. This song is definitely going to bless you fam!

8.Get There- P-Dub only gives us a preview of this song which will be on his upcoming Turning Point album. I love the concept of this song and excited to hear the rest of it!

9.Lights So Bright- This track is crazy good and very different! This is exactly what I like about Kingdom Music. You can’t put it in a box. It’s all encompassing and transcends beyond all color, culture, gender and musical barriers. It’s all about advancing the Kingdom! This also is a standout track on this project. And the message is amazing!

10.Kingdom Outro- For all of y’all who have “doubts” about P-Dub and think he’s doing this just to make a dollar or whatever else I’ve heard, you need to hear this track. This dude’s testimony is powerful. P-Dub is on fire for God and really wants to save souls. Myself as an artist who used to write and sing songs like “Till The Break of Dawn” and “Freak” it’s encouraging to see another man of God change the content of his music and sing for God. You gotta follow this brother’s music. He’s definitely on to something!

So in conclusion, P-Dub really sets the tone for Kingdom Music on this one. This young brother has a heart for God and has a heart for bringing souls to Christ. What better combination than that? So it’s time to give the magical water bottles right? Well I’m going to hook him up with a 4.5. This mixtape really touched me. I want all of you all to download it and tell all your people about it. My 3 standout tracks were, Kingdom Music, Fall No More and Lights So Bright. Well that’s all the time I have for now. Let’s keep this movement going. Check P-Dub out at and if you want more info on Kingdom Music check out Until next time!

Lovin God, Lovin Music, Lovin Life,

Preacher Boy

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  1. Remaka from Da Sipp

    Ive been a fan of Mr Moore’s since the 4 walls days and now, that he is making Kingdom Music, Im definifely a fan….This mixtape is definitely on point and has alot of bump in the trunk….Been tryna to get him to Mississippi for a minute to minister at one of GrippWood Entertainment’s events…id u dont have this mixtape you definitely need to download it in a hurry!!!

  2. Almantas

    Thank You very much for this review. I really like him, I like his style putting the Truth. What’s funny is that that kind of style reach the girls more than other HHH. 🙂
    Thanks again, and now I got to check You out, P Boy!


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