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OSAZE drops long time album “In The Beginning”

April 12, 2018

OSAZE drops long time album “In The Beginning”

OSAZE drops “In The Beginning

On Friday March 30th, rap artist OSAZE released his long-time-coming album In the Beginning.

This project sees OSAZE chronicle his amazing transformation from secular artist to Christian artist. OSAZE mixes hard hitting beats with deeply personal lyrics to illustrate his powerful testimony. Not only will In the Beginning serve as an intimate look into this emcee’s life, but it will also aim resonate in the lives of the listeners.

“This album I hope shows everyone who listens the difference between who I WAS and who I AM,” said OSAZE. “This is my musical journal.”

OSAZE released a single and a music video for the track “Won’t He Do it,” which has received play on numerous websites and displays the gospel simply – Jesus came, Jesus died, let Him do it for you.

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Akande is a serial entrepreneur and hip hop recording artist know as Davis Absolute. He is the owner and operator of New H2O, Digital Pew and the RCHGRV Collective. Connect with him @davisabsolute.
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