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This year something amazing happened in Kingdom Music. Singers have masterfully developed and mastered the craft of what I call Kingdom R&B. J. Santana, Isaac Caree, P-Dub & Travis Malloy all took us to a certain place with their gifts! What a fitting way to start the end of the year with, Onitsha! Onitsha has delivered an INSTANT CLASSIC with her “Love, Onitsha” Mixtape.

1. First song is a simple intro but the voice of Onitsha immediately captivates the attention of the listener. Onitsha is her name and it is a name we will not soon forget!

2. Holding Me Down feat. Eric Dawkins & Amber Riley- Okay now Jazmine Sullivan is one of the most dominant forces in the industry today and her voice is a voice that is to be reckoned with! Remaking a song that she sings is risky but it was a risk that Ms. Onitsha was willing to make. And the features on this song right here. WOW! I love the change of lyrics as she is clearly singing to God. No matter how many circles we run around He takes us back after everything! Eric and Amber hold their own on this song. This song is straight up soulful! Wow!

3. Somebody- I like to vibe to this song. Her voice is amazing like I said before but the message of the song is what really stands out! If you ever have been called out of the darkness and into the light you will be able to relate to this song! And when you have the experience you wanna tell everybody about what God did for you in your life. And that is the message that Onitsha conveys on this song! Powerful message right here. Go and spread the Gospel y’all!

4. No Woman, No Cry- Every time I’ve ever heard this song it’s been slow and sad. But I love the upbeat spin she took on this classic Bob Marley tune. She dedicates this song to her father who passed away. I can relate to this song being that I lost my mother 10 years down. This is a beautiful song that she is singing to her father. She knows she will meet him again and she is living each day in his honor. I think this song is really going to speak to someone. I thank Onitsha for this song. It’s never easy to go personal like this but I truly believe this will minister to someone who is down! The strong must be able to strengthen the weak!

5. Karaoke feat. Drake- I’m sure the critics will have a problem with this because Drizzy Drake makes an appearance. And I’m sure someone is going to talk about being unequally yoked! And I’m pretty sure someone is going to complain that this was a secular song. But to me I really feel that God can use anything. And what the devil meant for bad God can easily use for good! And Onitsha made this song work. I like what she did with it. See life in the “Spotlight” can do a lot of things, and one of the main things is it can make you lose focus. But she says, “Only God’s purpose will stand” That’s so true right there. If you know me I preach Acts 20:24 (Go do your homework y’all!)

6. You- Onitsha doesn’t miss a beat with this smooth and soulful voice. Vocally this girl can sing, or as MAMA’ NEM say, “SAAAAAAANNNNNNNNGGGG!”. There’s nobody in this world like God! Amazing love song to the one who showed the greatest amount of love to us! This is one of my favorite songs on the project!

7. Where You Are- Onitsha does a wonderful job remixing Bruno Mars, Just The Way You Are. Not much to write about this one. This track is a gem. A diamond in the rough. I love the way she changes up the lyrics on these remixes. It gives a whole new meaning to these songs! This is what Kingdom Music is all about!

8. Falling- This old school sample fits Ontisha’s voice perfectly. Do you remember the first time you fell in love? Butterflies right? Well Onitsha sings about TRULY falling in love and falling in love with God. See we can’t truly learn to love anyone else until we learn how to love God. Man, she really has stepped it up when it comes to the way a song is written!

9. Check Him Out- Nicki Minaj’s song is given a better meaning a message with this one! Onitsha points out the greatness of God proclaiming that he is the true amazing superstar! And she tells us if “you don’t know Him, open up your heart and get to know Him! CHECK HIM OUT”. Sounds like that’s an invitation of salvation to me! Yea it’s done differently than “Traditionalists” are used to but the message is still there and still powerful. I’m going to be vibing to this one for a minute.

10. Try Me feat Teddy Campbell- My favorite song of the mixtape. This is the song that made me say Jazmine WHO? God’s really been dealing with me on what secular music to listen to and what secular music not to listen to. And this song did it for me. I rep Jazmine Sullivan hard but after hearing this I’m like homegirl, Onitsha went in! Her voice on this is amazing! And this is definitely a song that is calling the listener to submit their lives and their will to the Lord. After you’ve tried everything else you can still try God! Wow! That’s powerful.

So I sit here and try to sum up this mixtape in a closing paragraph. It’s hard. Onitsha really has set the bar high for every single Kingdom R&B artist. And I don’t mean to sway anyone’s opinion. But to me she is the Kingdom R&B artist of the year and possibly has the best mixtape of the year. Onitsha is not your typical gospel artist. Her message is clear and she goes hard for the Lord, but her music is for the masses. I can’t wait to hear what’s next for this anointed woman of God. Oh I almost forgot. I Love, Onitsha! Be blessed fam!

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  1. malo

    Gospel Brandy is back lol Naw this my gurl…gud look for doing a mixtape by the way! KeepItUpInChrist! 😉

  2. bonus

    good.good. Just one more word. LOVE. I rep nigeria. I rep jesus. God bless you plenty much. Onitsha. Love,Bonus.


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