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One Life an upcoming artist wrote this song after realizing how desperate this world needs a Savior. Every year something tragic happens. So many people are addicted to something in life that they want to let go of but can’t. Time after time we rely on ourselves to bring the changes that we need in life but seem to fail at it all the time. Time after time we rely on people and public figures to bring the changes that we need in our communities but they seem to disappoint us all the time. We all sometime wonder why can’t we have a perfect world; why can’t we all live in peace with ourselves and one another.

There were and are a lot of individuals who fought and worked hard to try to make this world an ideal place for everyone but nothing they do seems to bring this outcome. No matter what they do someone is always left behind. Some is always poor. Someone is always treated unfairly. There have to be an answer to all the problems that we face in life. There has to be a plan to bring an everlasting change in this world, and there is. His name is Jesus Christ and this song is to point this people to Him.

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