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I have never, I say again, NEVER been a fan of concept albums. I don’t know. For the most part they usually don’t work. With that being said, I was a little apprehensive about downloading Nine Up’s, On The Block Bangin Movie Mixtape Vol. 2. It just didn’t catch my attention. As soon as I heard “movie” I wasn’t feeling it. But once I listened to this project I knew that it was no ordinary mixtape. I knew that this was a one of a kind project after listening to each track.

On The Block Bangin really addresses a lot of issues that we see plaguing our communities on a daily basis. This mixtape literally takes us to the street and challenges us to take a look how we are living. It forces us to take a look at how the people around us our living. It especially tackles our young men’s biggest issue. The struggle with the street. Nine Up effectively tells a story of the “glamour” but more the physical and spiritual dangers of living the street life.  I love how Nine Up shows a young man who knows he should be in church but is still being tugged by the street and what it has to offer. This is something our generation’s kids struggle with. And it’s time that the church breaks barriers and reaches out to these kids. It’s time to grab their attention before these streets kill them. There are a few songs on this mixtape that stuck out in my mind and their points really hit home!

Different feat. Du2ce & Young Pro- This track goes  too hard! Nine Up teams up with Du2ce & Young Pro to create a brilliant collab. Each rapper holds their own as they rhyme about being completely sold out for Christ! This is definately a track you need not to skip!

They Got To Know- I’m diggin Nine Up’s flow on this one! It’s all about pursuing the Christ Life! The concept is so simple but the message is clear!

Misunderstood- Now I have heard many versions of this song but this one is one of my favorite versions. This song really tells a story. It touches on the fact that a lot of people have good intentions they just get caught up in the wrong things. One line that stuck out was during the skit portion. “I ain’t all bad homie, God know I ain’t all bad!” The bible says that we can’t be saved through our own works. We gotta submit to God. I’m telling this song effectively will minister to whoever can identify with it.

Living Like I Don’t Know You- This is my favorite song hands down. Why? Well I think we all have been guilty of this. We all at times know that we living like we don’t really know Christ. We act as if life is promised to us. And Nine Up teaches us that we are not alone in this matter. It happens. This song really touched me and caused me to reflect and evaluate where my relationship is at now.

So On The Black Bangin Movie Mixtape, eceeded my expectations. It definitely is a Kingdom Music Classic. Nine Up is becoming one of my favorite artist and it’s because of music like this. Hope you all enjoy this mixtape! Until next time.

Loving God, Loving Music, Loving Life,

Preacher Boy

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