It has been another amazing year. During this 2nd year timespan we’ve seen the quality of music artists have been putting out increase immensely. We’ve seen traffic to our site increase to 50,00 visitors/month and the spins on our soundcloud near 2 million. You’ve downloaded more than 180,000 free projects from here. I know this is nothing I’ve done but everything God has done. I pray this site impacts lives coming into our 3rd year. I’m beyond grateful for all the artists and all the people who support New H2O. I encourage you to reach out to people through music and I pray God uses you to change their lives. 2013 God willing will be a super exciting year for all of us and we have some great things planned. For now though… enjoy the mixtape!

-Nick (@NickDChow)

Download the entire mixtape here

Listen to the full mixtape below!

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  1. Royal.T

    This New H2O project is awesome. Great listening to all the artist on here and even greater seeing how God has grown this ministry over the past year.

  2. ReD LettaZ

    hot mixtape but most of these tracks you guys had up on here as singles. I belive Hopp and Legion of Souls tracks are brand new.

    • Nick

      Yes, some old some new. We were highlighting the artists who’ve made an impact on this site within the last year.

      • ReD LettaZ

        oh ok cool. i mean its still hot i like the whole cd its better than last years, but it shows growth

  3. MatthewGurskis

    Is there anywhere else to download the mixtape? Mediafire blocked it because of the Lecrae track.


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