“Cries of theCity” is a soundtrack based from the 4 part series documentary that is titled “Cries of the City” which tells the story of In-time Apostle a former drug dealer in Baltimore who gave his life to Christ. In-time Apostle has been shot in and out of prison; however the mission is to now raise awareness about the cries of the unheard and oppressed. The soundtrack is and anthem for the documentary and for every major inner-city to rise up and be the change agent that we are called to be!

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  1. obeyurmasta1

    As it is…the streets ain’t changin. Jesus wasn’t trying to save the Jerusalem streets, or reform the temple…no no he set out to finish the work God gave him….and so regardless if our hood or street is rich or poor we should do the work he gave us…i ain’t trying to change the culture. The streets gonna do them, they all out here in full motion. So we should be in full motion (if yall can even get that). But yhe poor is certainly poor and abused and the rich alittle over rated.


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