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4 Responses

  1. Jay

    MY GOD!!!!!!! i really like this style of music its new to me. Pray God will continue bless your music.

    am now a fan lol God bless

  2. James

    I dont think this song is biblically correct. God is not a man he is a spirit. This song sounds like a God is my boyfriend/girlfriend song. I hate these types of songs because they are not honoring God as he should be properly honored they are lowering him down to the level of a human and thats not right.

    • Jay

      i dont agree totally with your statement people have different ways and style of expressing there love to God not because it might not be suitable to you does not make it wrong. If she sang the song in Spirit and in Truth then its a blessing in God eyes

  3. Doe

    Hmm.. James how do you thing she should have said it then?… Everybody doesn’t talk like you, or articulate their love the same way you do. Don’t be religious or you’ll spend the rest of your life as the Judge only to find that you dont belong in that seat. I wonder how well you do with baby christians who only just met the Lord.


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