Natalie Lauren FKA Suzy Rock drops a new video for her song RedEyes. She also posted these words about the video and song.

Life is full of extremes.
One day laughter comes with every breath.
And the next, tears chase every blink.
You’re making plans for the rest of your life.
Then that plan walks out on you.
Or your goals…they’re….within reach…maybe just a step away this time
But you didn’t see what was coming…you never thought temptation was so close
And the best of extremes…(breathe)…the joy of seeing a new life, one that makes you vow to be the best aunt in the world
Yet, the worst…holding your aunt as she dangles between life and death…six letters have stolen her glory…(cancer)

I’ve been living between these two poles.
The best or worst waiting just around the bend.
Joy and pain coloring my days.

Red Eyes
Blue Skies

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