Music Submissions

Thank you for taking the time to submit your music to New H2O. We believe in providing the highest quality in music, lyrics, and overall content. Please be considerate when submitting your music.

Before you submit your music, please keep the following rules in mind. We will not publish any music that breaks the following rules.

  • No profanity (especially the word ni**a is NOT acceptable in your lyrics)
  • Sexual or “bedroom” songs will not be considered
  • Songs that suggest drinking or “club music” will not be considered
  • Songs that are degrading to women, children, etc. will not be considered
  • Hate music or songs with “beef” will not be considered
  • No tracks in .wav format
  • Please include artwork with at least 750 x 750 in size

Submission Instructions:

**IMPORTANTPlease title your tracks accordingly, include features, and track numbers.

Include a cover image for your project or single. Also specify your Twitter and Facebook pages.

Upload your project & singles to a file share website (ex. and include the link in the message section of the form below.

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