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Montythehokage “Team Move” (Single)

July 2, 2018

Montythehokage “Team Move” (Single)

Montythehokage drops a fresh vibe with “Team Move”

Montyhokage isn’t an artist we have heard of before – his name or features don’t ring a bell. We are more than happy that he took the time to submit to New H2O – he’s got something here.

Monty included a writeup on his song “Team Move

“So this is really a start of a series for me. I’m really focus on making songs that are for our culture, but against cultural standards to the point that I start the song with no bands gang. Instead of talking about all the money I have and how I run the streets ect. I talk about how I don’t, and how I love God.”

Check out Team Move by Montyhokage below!

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