Gideonz Army will finally break their silence while answering the questions of fans with the release of their solo albums. Monolog’s anticipated solo project entitled “Transparency” will be released this summer and promises to be a mix of what fans have come to expect from the duo and the truth from Monolog as only he could tell it.

After Gideonz Army released their freshman album “On Ten” in 2011 and “Mainstream” in 2012 the group emerged as a rising force in the gospel hip-hop genre. With multiple mixtapes accompanied by rapidly released vidoes, their joint album with T. Haddy “Truth Unveiled”, and their Billboard charting “Hedges and Highways” their constant growth seemed certain and unstoppable.

So what happened?

Monolog shares his take on his break from the music, the turmoil in his personal life as well as his new views on the Church and the Gospel, and what we can expect from his new album.

“I really went through some major changes over the past few years of my life, a lot of hurt, pain, and dissapointment but God used every last bit of it for my mental and spiritual growth. Watching God bring me out of my storms made me realize that there was a void in my music and generally in the Church as a whole. We tell the story of our troubles in life before salvation but we act as if none of that exists anymore once we became a Christian. We dont discuss the trials, pain, our failures or the hurt that we experience even as a believer. So thats what I did with this album. I exposed myself fully so as to help others who face those moments, and that’s why its called “Transparency”.


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