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Album info: “As I write, I imagine a detoxification process in which my open chest serves as a palette for my paintbrush. Festered memories, new and old, coat the bristles and cover the canvas as I, in the midst of surgery, try to create something uniquely beautiful from the mess within. “Insomnia” is just a look into the rawness of my mind. It’s how I’ve coped with life over the past few years; my therapy; catharsis. Each of the songs were parented by some sort of pain. Some lyrics were penned with no intention of ever landing in a foreign ear, which may explain why it’s taken 3 years to feel comfortable with one of the tracks being released. It’s my hope that by visiting my therapy sessions you can relate to what I’ve been through and see what I’ve seen in the midst of them. Don’t expect a happy ending or an answer to the struggles in life, but know that there’s hope and love in the midst of them all.”

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