mc jin XIVLIX official cover

MC Jin’s newest album XIV:LIX is now available for pre-order via iTunes. The current release date is scheduled for October 21, 2014. Upon pre-ordering, you’ll receive 2 brand new songs from the album.

Official Tracklist:

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen
  2. Comin’ Up
  3. Welcome to the Club ft. Teesa
  4. Complicated ft. Hollis
  5. Carry On ft. Stacie Bollman
  6. Eat, Sleep, and Die
  7. Money
  8. Glow ft. Tim Be Told
  9. Chinese New Year
  10. Fairytales ft. Teesa
  11. Like a Rock ft. Tim Be Told
  12. Fan Mail
  13. Heaven’s Ceiling ft. Bere
  14. Welcome Home ft. Storm & Bella
  15. Hallelujah

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