This is the newest song and video from Marz Ferrer (who has done music with Social Club and Andy Mineo). The track was produced by Alex Medina and Big Juice. The video is was directed by Scouts Honor Media.


In this dark world full of lies
All these illusions cloud my mind
When you stepped into the room you caught my eye with just a glance
You speak words of truth as my heart melts in your hands

Like diamonds on black cloth
You shine through and nothing else can compare
As you pour out all your love now I’m ruined

It’s not your fault you’re just so incredible
You bring me to new levels
And I will follow you

verse 2
Your words penetrate my life
Ignorance fades a bliss I must deny
Where do you wanna go from here
Where do you wanna go
Letting go of all our fear
To the unknown

Hook 2

I am being chased, by the one I pursue
Yet All roads lead back to you
I feel a change, as your love seeps through
Leaving all to follow you
Being unveiled exposed to the dark I must erupt with a lion heart
You’re so incredible (x3)
You’re just so incredible

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