Chick-Fil-A often comes under fire because of the company’s unapologetic position as a Christian owned and operated business. They have been applauded by many Christians for their forthright behaviors and blasted by many non-believes for “forcing their religious opinions on people.”

Well now a Chick-Fil-A store in Birmingham, Alabama is in the news for more of that unapologetic Christian behavior. Seems like they were forcing something else on the neighborhood — free food and shelter.

Recently, a rare snowstorm struck the Birmingham area and left citizens trapped in their cars and stranded on the icy interstates and highways. But, thanks to the Christian behavior of store owner, Mark Meadows, many of the stranded motorists were able to get food and find shelter from the storm.

Meadows had closed his Chick-Fil-A store and sent his staff home when the store began to get worse and the snow started to accumulate. A few hours later, however, many of the employees returned to the restaurant, unable to get home because of the weather and road conditions. The store is located near the interstate where numerous motorists were also stranded and trapped by the storm, unable to drive.

So the staff of the Chick-fil-A store decided to help.

The stranded employees that had returned to the restaurant cooked several hundred sandwiches, then ventured out in the storm to hand them out to anyone they could get to. Many people had been stuck in their cars for almost seven hours without food or water. Best of all, the food they gave out was completely free. Chick-Fil-A refused to take any money for the sandwiches. After delivering the food the owner and staff took things one step further and opened up the store to anyone who who needed a place to sleep.

Chick-Fil-A delivered more than free food during that storm. They demonstrated what the biblical values they are often loudly criticized for are all about.

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