LilRed – Godspeed Album

April 14, 2019

LilRed – Godspeed Album

19-year-old Christian hip-hop artist LilRed has been creating music for almost two years now and is always looking for new way to say the things that God lays on his heart.¬†On his latest release, the full-length album Godspeed, LilRed aims to show that this life is a journey, and even though the path you’re on may seem like it’s a war zone, the journey is beautiful. There will be extreme ups and downs along the way, but the end goal is worth the effort and perseverance. Godspeed consists of twelve tracks, each of which tells a unique story, but when put together form an emotional journey that represents LilRed’s life. The beginning of that journey is the most important part. The path you choose dictates where you will end up. Will you follow God and His will for you? Will you go off and just do your own thing the way you want to do it? Will your path change a few times along the way? Only one person knows the answer and He’s not currently on this earth, but LilRed is here to wish you “Godspeed!”


Listen to LilRed below:


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Darius Mullin is a student, musician, and avid lover of all things Christian Hip Hop. You can often find him fellowshipping with friends, making music, working on schoolwork, making terrible jokes, or touring local caves. You can connect with him on Twitter @iamdariusmullin
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