I will take you through some of my personal situations where I had to change some of the ways I did things. I will share with people how Christ has impacted my life as well. The Revolution starts with you! Let’s say you have a love problem. You really can’t get around to truly showing that Christ like love without a revolutionary change in your life! I will share with you how Christ has done a total transformation in my heart and others that are on this dynamic project enabling us to love again like never before!!. Remember, you are the revolution! You! The individual. This is not a movement, this is your lifestyle. This is a daily renewing! THIS IS A CHANGE (EPH. 4:23-24)!

“A Revolution starts with Eph. 4:23. A daily renewing of your mind and spirit. We a lot of times want to make an impact in our cities, states, countries, etc, and that’s great! This album will challenge the believer to come to grips with their daily actions and thoughts. Asking themselves, “Do i have a personal daily relationship with Jesus Christ?” And if you do!? PRAISE GOD! If you don’t, now is the time to humble yourself, lay down all pride and, submit to Jesus Christ proclaiming he is Lord over your life”.


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