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  1. kick-squad

    Cool freestyle. We need people just showing skills over known beats.

  2. T. Willie

    Fair job. The 2nd dude went In 1at has punchlines and third was OK. Tried download sample of life but could not. Wassup

  3. Teearie

    why do these guys now a days make tracks to secular beats, please be original….thats all

  4. Joey

    To be honest, this just wasn’t good at all. They chose a beat that numerous people went HARD on and didn’t really go in all like that. The verses were kinda wack to be honest…All in all this is one of those situations where they sprinkled Christ in there, which is cool, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that the rappers were subpar. If you pick a secular beat that a whole slew of cats jumped on and a good handful ripped to shreds, either go hard, or pick a new beat. Hate to come off as overly critical, but people need to perfect the craft.

    • Andre Smith

      i agree with you to an extent. they could have gone alot harder but they have gone harder than others ive heard with beat, dude i man i have heard str8 trash! legion have done way better but this aint as bad as you make it seem lol i mean to be technical they went harder then french montana and he was an original on track.. at least 1st 2 did?

      • Joey

        True they did do better than French, Drake, and Ross…cuz the original is pretty bad. I think that if they did it as an on the spot freestyle, then yeah that was better than most, but if that was just written free verses, then ehhh. I tend to think it was the latter because of how tight the doubles were…I doubt that was VocAlign or any engineering trickery. I like Lecrae and the popular cats right now, but to be honest, soulful insightful music is what’s hitting home for me right now. I’m not flat out saying they’re trash because I haven’t dug very deep into their catalogue, but as far as a first impression, this just didn’t do it for me. I’ve been bumping S.O’s So It Begins for months just because of how much it touched me. As far as hearing rappers body secular beats, I think Bizzle and Kambino have that sewn up pretty well right about now…this all coming from a rappers perspective.

      • Andre Smith

        I HEAR YOU ON THAT 100% kambino is an animal !!!! BIZZLE is awesome too! i will say this tho, listen to these tracks on here i looked up since alot of people do actaully like them, and i like em too as well,to an extent lol and tell me if you feel like they are good or just swag based rappers.
        Killing me – i thought is their best work so far
        monsta 1 and 2
        they also got 2 mixtapes up, legion and sample of life which features some other cats that were good as well.

  5. Rej

    LOL i think its funny how people always go in on these guys, but its funnier that they put out quality music. idownloaded their album whn it was free and real talk they had the best tracks on there. they out shined rk, cheno, jaelife, and other heavy hitters with positive music and party music. people will not always be attracted to their lane because they go in a bit different but i for one undertand their way as i do rey king, corey red and precise and only a few others. Now this is only a freestyle, if its an authentic “turn the protools and mic on and one after another go at it” type freestyle off top of dome thn this is actually super good, if its somewhat written then its not bad, not great but def not great, ill agree with andre, they have done better but i have heard trash, and i as a man of the most high hate hearing trash sprinkled with christ and because we christians we gotta support it…. ill support you but you gotta come with that heat for me to bump your music! right now to me its sad that if your name aint lecrae, trip lee, flame or part of cross movement you have a hard time getting in this genre, now i love and bum their music to the fullest and they are part of my testimony but there are countless others doing big things under the scope for this genre… look up rey king, cheno lyfe, jai, l.o.s, blaze torch, jin, social club, sho baraka, rob hodges , japhia life, etc…

  6. Joseph

    i agree with joey. this freestyle was kinda wack… he may not want to be upfront and say it but its lol im sorry…sometimes these guys come with good stuff but for the most part they aiiight!


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