Bar Exam: Leland Philpot – Where’s Jack? (Single)

April 18, 2018


Bar Exam: Leland Philpot – Where’s Jack? (Single)

An In Depth Song Review

Working through submissions this morning and the second one is from Chicago emcee Leland Philpot. “Where’s Jack”

The music has an old singer-songwriter sample thrown over some acoustic guitars. Right as the beat drops, Leland jumps on it.

Their message diluted, wonder why pupils’ eyes dilated/And some’ll end up dying stupid/Verbal hadukens, waves from an inner flame/And the game the same like “Dang when will it change!?”

Yikes. He’s got a lot to chew on here. It’s somewhat of an old school flow to it, but his inflections and the grit in his voice make you keep listening.

“You cannot move me, this medicine from heaven gate/Slaying in a state of calm, say a psalm and meditate/Went through hellish fire for a better praise/Yes sin a weight, grace make you levitate”

It’s all about the lyrics for Leland, who reminds me of Gift of Gab. There’s some terrific schemes going on here, which you can tell from just reading these lines how they naturally flow together. He moves from this rapid fire flow to a more aggressive flow for the final bars, ending up at double time. The song is complete at under two minutes with no hook but I feel like I just ate a full meal. Leland’s got bars.

The one thing that detracts from the song for me is that instrumental. I mean, LP killed it regardless, but I’m not sure a bed like that sets him up well if you’re considering revisiting the track again. This is the first I’ve heard from Leland, and as far as emcee skills go I’m heavily intrigued. As a song though, I find it just okay.

Overall Rating: At The Bar

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