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  1. Darealwize

    The Legion ya boys doin luvin da track i give ya boys madd propz my niggz keep doin ya thing real talk da music ya keep droppin keeps gettin better n better real talk madd luv 1


    this is a very hot song… I like this one alot good job J
    best one so far!!

  3. Jorge Mendez

    dang i just love this track! i tell you the truth this track goes so hard! and to understand what dude is saying you gotta be in tune with lyricism to understand 1st verse and his comeback on verse 2

  4. Eye Can Du Iyt Al

    nobody knows this but I met L.o.s. at a conference in south Florida in 08 where they opened for triple 7 they killed it and loved their music then but definitely seeing growth and the Singer is sooo cute!

  5. Extra Ready

    i can def ride to this track it is super catchy melody is banging!

  6. ReDlettaZ

    Big props for this track….hottest rnb/rap track ive heard in awhile…real talk I love this!

  7. Courtney Bell

    omgggggggg I love this track!!!!!!! sing to it all the tim now!!!!! keep it coming!


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