As some of you may know, Lecrae and Reach Records have come to some sort of agreement with Columbia Records. While we aren’t sure what the exact details are, we do know that it includes the Reach Records umbrella. Columbia has a huge catalog of artists already which include Beyonce, Adele, Pharrell and so many other household names.

While this is a great accomplishment for Lecrae and his team, what does this mean for CHH? For a while now, Reach has been trying to separate itself from CHH and the “Christian” title that once came along with his name.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Lecrae spoke on the type of music he makes.

“What I feel like in terms of my music is I want people to wrestle with the complexity of it and the beauty of the complexity and not just kinda write it off like ‘I get what it is. It’s just rap.’ Or ‘It’s Christian,’” he explained. “Or ‘It’s indie.’ Whatever. I want you to like, no, it’s it’s own thing. Sit with it and wrestle with it and what it is in it’s own unique package. So when they hand out Grammys for that type of stuff, cool. I think that’s why people want to win Album of the Year because that means it transcends all the little pockets. It’s just good.”

I don’t think this will impact what CHH is doing since Reach was trying to get out of that lane. I believe Reach will continue doing what they do and CHH will keep pushing the way it has been without the assistance from Reach.

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