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  1. Royal.T

    I haven’t been a fan of some of Crayola’s most recent stuff but this tape right here is AMAZING so far. I’m sharing it with all my soldiers!

  2. Asaph Sampa

    I’ve been listenin’ 2 ‘Crae for a while now
    But this is a crazy mixtape
    Man keep up the good work

    • Asaph Sampa

      What i mean by that is that he’s changin’ the christian rap industry and just doin’ great things

  3. Nicole7

    I always been a fan, since day1………Love your work Crae! To God be all tha Glory. Be bless my brother -n- Christ!

    Grace and Peace!

  4. Tre

    Love Lecrae’s work. He really made some hits here. This could make him MUCH more known

  5. chris doggett

    this mixtape is defitnitely one of lecrae’s best works, he came together and worked with every artist, musician, and producer well. Every track is a hit off top, there can’t be any negative feedback from this mixtape. He kept it 100 and went hard for the kingdom of God, while keeping 100% hip hop, this mitape or ablum whatever you want to call it showed us what lecrae is about and what God is able to do through him.


    i love to see growth from an artist and this is a high water mark for Lecrae i was not a big fan but respected his work …this just flips the whole formula on its ear and goes hard God is doin some great things with this dude!

  7. servantinHishouse

    Just a note, I’m getting a 404 error every time I click the download link. I really need to get this bangin’ mixtape on my Ipod immediately, so I would love if that could get fixed soon. Keep up the good work for the kingdom!

  8. Josh G. Massey

    I wonder how many of his doubters are takin their words back.. Lecrae goes hard and represents what his life says he represents!!

  9. Watorious James


  10. Alex


  11. Alex


  12. Marvelous C

    Changed My Life …..Hottest Christian Mixtape on here right now….HANDS DOWN

  13. Rome M

    Definitely a great mixtape through and through …. absolutely bananas production but Crae doesn’t let it outshine him. He is an incredible talent representing an everlastingly incredible God. This mixtape is pretty groundbreaking as far as having a secular DJ hosting as well as a former industry rapper (No Malice formerly Malice of The Clipse). This mixtape is very telling of who Lecrae used to be and is the most I had heard him talk about his past which is interesting because according to Lecrae this mixtape’s focus was more so for those who are not Christians. Crae is testifying as to where God has brought him from on many of the tracks …. in a very creative way … refreshing!!

  14. JB

    Is downloading these mixtapes illegal? Especially ones with other people’s beats. Just wondering cause I’m really liking the music, but wasn’t sure


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