This will be the first album Lacey Sturm has made since leaving the wildly successful band Flyleaf. She was the voice and front of Flyleaf for many years, putting them to the top of the rock and alternative world. Lacey is a Christian but most people know her as the hard rocker from Flyleaf. The album named ‘Life Screams’ is on my list as one of the ┬ámost anticipated album releases of 2016. I can’t wait to see how God uses her and her music to reach those that may not know Christ but love her music. She has made songs released on a Collaboration album called “My Hope” an album made from various Christian artists inspired by Billy Graham’s ministry. Lacey Sturm has also been featured on many other Christian band’s music projects.

‘Life Screams’ currently has 3 singles available for purchase on Itunes and is available for pre-order. The album is expected to be released on February 12 2016.

Support Lacey Sturm on her new endeavor and pre-order the album!

Check out one of her singles “Impossible”.


Official Track Listing

2.The Soldier
3.I’m Not Laughing
6.You’re Not Alone
7.Feels Like Forever
8.Life Screams
10.Roxanne (Live)
11.Run to you

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