Stream and Download Kriss Liss’ new tack “Something Blue”

After a two year hiatus, artist and music producer Kriss Liss has released a new single entitled “Something Blue”. On the completely self-produced groove, Kriss Liss dances over a fusion of pop/hip hop drums, funky synths, and the faint croon of an organ that plays a melody reminiscent of Mendelssohn’s famous “Wedding March.”

The song’s title references an old wedding adage, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Kriss Liss redefines the meaning of that old phrase.

On the surface, the lyrics proclaim the joys of being newly engaged and bubbly with anticipation for the wedding day. But a careful examination of the lyrics reveals a deeper meaning.

There is a greater covenant; one that Kriss Liss hopes everyone will come to know. In this great covenant, the King of Kings takes something blue (our hopelessness), something borrowed (our time on this earth), and makes it into something new for His glory.

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