Kevin Ross Dream Chasers EP Cover

Kevin Ross has this to say about the EP, “This project is basically about the journey I have been on ever since I started doing music. I started doing music to vent, I began writing after I lost a friend unexpectedly from Cardiac arrest. After my friend passed I became very depressed and even brought me to a point where I attempted suicide. This record talks about how I have struggled since then, when I do music I want it to always Glorify God. So as I chase a dream to be able to do music full time the first track says it all “All I Have Is You”. If nothing becomes of my music career and I stay exactly where I am or if I go to great heights and reach millions of people, it doesn’t matter in the scheme of eternity. If All I Have is Jesus then I will be more than ok. My Dream more than becoming successful in my music is for people to know Jesus, my music has helped me reach a lot of people since I have been doing it though so I continue to seek God and also reach people that’s what this EP is about.”

Official Tracklisting here:

1. All I Have Is You Ft Jonathan Baker & Swift (Prod. By Flash Beats)
2. Help Me See You (Prod. By Big Juice)
3. Journey Ft True Story (Prod By Sinima Beats)
4. Wide Open (Prod By ChrysBeats)
5. Grateful (Prod By Halo Hitz)
6. Dream Chasing Ft Benjah, Bumps Inf & Barukh
7. Stand Firm (Prod By BMII)

Listen to the single lead single off the EP below.

The EP releases on May 2, 2015 and will be on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon!

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