When you grow up in a Christian home you spend a lot of time attending church events, reciting bible verses and learning about who Jesus is. This was the norm for you, never did it cross your mind that most families didn’t bring up their children like this. The real test of your views hits you most in high school, or adolescence through adulthood. I went to public schools all of my life, and progressively I realized how different I viewed the world than everyone else in almost every aspect of life. High School was one long trial that rampaged for four long years for me. Here’s why it was so difficult to stand firm in my faith.

Being a Christian in your teens and going to public high school nowadays is equivalent to throwing live fish in a shark tank. The people want to eat your views and your morals away. When they sense they you are not like them they tend to act in one of two ways. Either they try to break your morals and get you to join them, or they alienate you and spew hate without thought. As I entered high school, I called myself a Christian, but not even slightly understanding or wanting to read my Bible or go to church. This makes it easy to be tempted to be more like the world, and to want the things in the world. Sadly, I was not relying on God to give me the strength and peace that I so desperately searched for. I searched for answers in people, and once I could not find what I sought so eagerly, my heart became hard, creating a depression which would define me for the majority of my high school years. Yet God had his hand on my life, and protected me from the spiteful words and actions of others.

Adolescence created an incredibly challenging environment to be a Christian in. I am just one of many people who went through adolescence struggling to keep the faith. People tempted me greatly in many situations, sometimes I gave in, sometimes I stood strong. But looking back, I believe it was all for a greater purpose. The music, the culture, and the attitudes of this generation are a lethal dose, that is sure to self destruct. Many times, I doubted my faith and my life decisions, just because of what the culture is always telling you is right and what you’re supposed to do. Many mistakes were made because of it and I feel deeply pained about each and every one of them to this day. It is only through redemption through Christ I was able to escape the memories of these mistakes.

The outcome of living through this day and age as an adolescence has opened my eyes to see that we must not be timid and weak about our faith. Instead of being the fish to their sharks, let us be the sharks to their fish. Do not wait to be questioned by others. Instead, question their morals, their actions, challenge their life viewpoints. But most importantly do not take that as an excuse to hate them. Love your enemies, pray for them, and be a leader. You will either lead, or be lead. Equip ourselves with the word and let us not be greatly tested by people who seek to destroy us. As I depart from my teens, I look back at it seeing great pain, but also seeing great growth. And like everyone, I am growing and improving but I am far from perfect. To those still in high school living for Christ, take heart.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world” John 16:33

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  1. obeyurmasta1

    God said to Jeremiah…do not fear them lest i cause u to fall amongst them….we should know what all these things are and that the maker of all things has brought it about…also the world sees Christ through the flesh. As a man appearing in their world at sometime and leaving like a man for there eyes are restrained. Those freed from bondage see Christ spiritually as the one that came from God and entered our land to guide us towards a future heritage and completed his task and returned back to God. Things we cant see but spiritually our hearts understand..its time to take up zeal young and old. Much love and peace..i had my hard times also but prevailed.

  2. Taylor Parker

    This is good! I’m a freshman and I question a lot of things. Thanks!

  3. shomazta

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I myself am finishing up my second Associates Degree, and I’ve veered far from my walk with Christ. I’m just coming to this realization as well as I’m coming back into the light of His Word. Thank you again so very much for expressing yourself and standing strong in the faith. We must not allow ourselves to be beaten down, but rather be rock solid, we are children of the LIVING GOD!


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