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March 22, 2011



Love God. Hip Hop Enthusiast. Serial entrepreneur. Web Developer. Founder of newH2O.com. I Never Stop.
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    All the way from Zimbabwe!!! Keep repping the Kingdom! 1

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      All the way from south Africa, Cape Town...we are still shouting Clique 116! soli deo gloria bay bay

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    The Boy Wonder

    Can someone post the lyrics of Enough? Thanks : )

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    i really like this songss!!

  5. pretty good mixtapes great job KB keep it up man i wanna be a christan rapper and sing my heart out and tell people about jesus on the mic anyway god bless ps shout out to 1.1.Six clique and other christan rappers

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    Jose Villanueva

    love all your songs KB...plz post lyrics for "Head to the Heavens" God bless

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    What is KB's real name?

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      Kevin Brown

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        its not kevin brown its kevin burgess

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    B Fizzle

    Reach Records needs to sign this man and Canon! Two extremely talented artists trying to get there name out, they nee to be signed!

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      Brian Potts

      And Dillon Chase also!

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    i am good rapper

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    Alex Cross

    yes KB god is enough!!!!

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    KB is the one!!! New New here, we need more from this brah to give out mesages to the young peepz like ma self... It helps ignor the other world music and focus on God our Lord!!! I would like someone to email me where i can buy a cd of KB any albums,,, My email is Frankie_J_18@yahoo.com send me mSG yall N e one dat got InFo on my boy KB CD's GOB BLESS ALL!!! Keep on Praising the Lord Yall

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    Hey mayne wtsup, realy enjoyn the tracks, i realy want to sing with u guyz. If u want i cn post u my track on facebook:-)

  13. [...] that dropped about 4 years too late. Let me backtrack though. My introduction to KB began with his mixtape. It was an amazing mixtape that stayed in my car for many months. My favorite song of that mixtape [...]

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    Willette gore

    I absolutely love Enough!

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    Jay Beckmeyer

    Um... Actually, KB's real name is Kevin Burgess. And I really like all the songs on this mixtape, especially enough and lion king. And I love "weight and glory" his new album. Love all the songs on there. :)

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    Canon is better. He should have chosen Reach over RMG!

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    Kobe Bryant

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    Nice channel

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    aye listen to his new EP 100 words cant explain how good it is

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    Josh Lifto

    Speaking of him listening 2 him. Right now

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    Dan Oren

    Such a great album!!!

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    Josiah Leach

    Listened to that a few days ago!

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    Donald Smith Jr.

    One of the best mixtapes ever.

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    Joshua Pomales

    Mixtape was U0001f525U0001f525U0001f525

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