The moment you have been waiting months for has arrived. Tomorrow We Live is now available to everyone for purchase. The buzz around this album has been tremendous and Reach has done a spectacular job with giving the fans bits and pieces up until the release. This is KB’s strongest release to date.

Purchase Tomorrow We Live on iTunes:

If you want to listen to the full album before you purchase, iTunes Radio is still featuring it on First Play. Stream here:

Full Tracklist:

  1. Rich Forever
  2. Sideways ft. Lecrae
  3. I Believe ft. Mattie of For Today
  4. (9 AM)
  5. Fall in Love with You
  6. Always & Forever
  7. Ima Just Do It ft. Bubba Watson
  8. Cruising
  9. Calling You
  10. Save Me
  11. Drowning
  12. Lights Go Out ft. Blanca & Justin Ebach
  13. Crowns & Thorns (Oceans)
  14. Bonus: Find Your Way

Listen and stream some of the songs from Tomorrow We Live below. Which song is your favorite? Answer in the comments below.

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