Vertical Church Band is an up and coming worship band that has made chart topping success with their recent album titled Church Songs.

It was announced through their social media that they have recently recorded a remix with KB on their song “Shout It Out.”

VCB - Shout It Out Ft. KB

This is not the first time CHH artists like KB have collaborated with Worship/Contemporary artists. Lecrae has had a variety of features with even his own album such as For King and Country with his song “Messengers.” Lecrae has even collabed with Hillsong Young & Free for their song “This Is Living.”

Another recent collab that CHH artists have been a part of is with Tenth Avenue North and their song “For Those Who Can’t Speak.”  This song features Derek Minor & KB.

What do you think of these collaborations with Hip Hop artists and Worship/Contemporary artists?
Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Peter Rodriguez

    Yes I do… Always felt rap was a form of worship and needs to be on the altar with the worship teams… In Rev. the 24 elders sing holy holy holy how much more can we do this in Rap and worship.. There is warfare and pulling down of strongholds.. in this area… Declaring rightousness.. Piearce into the heavenlies.. Rap has been perveted and used for evil.. How much more Would God raise up some prophetic rappers that would hear the heart of God and declare it in worship…. ! I see it like in the story of Moses… When he was confronting the King of Egypt and demostrating the Power of God with the Snakes… it was the snakes of the witch doctors in egypt vs the Viper that God had provided and Victory was in the Hands of the Great I AM, The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.. There is something more… and something deeper in this… and its the authentic Vs’s the counterfiet.. example check out website… Crazy stuff..


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